Lehman, Vivian
Interview Date
February 3, 1976
Vivian Lehman is the recipient of the Silver Beaver Award from the Boy Scouts of America for her work with that organization;
[T1S1] mother's family background information; her parents' marriage in 1887; early life in Binghamton, NY; her interest in golf; 1935-36, president, Western Pennsylvania Golf Association; father's aluminum business in Buffalo, NY; her musical studies; education, Columbia University, extension courses; early medical care; her state of health; atmosphere at home; employment at Macy's Department Store; her husband's family background; residing in Albert Lehman's home after her marriage to Chester Lehman; Albert Lehman's service as president of Montefiore Hospital; their residence on Darlington Road; her employment in music management; discussion of her neighborhood in Squirrel Hill; her service with the Community Fund, the board of Pittsburgh Symphony, and the Association for Care of Cardiac Children, or Hearthouse; her service as director and vice president of Hearthouse; her interest in decorating; her husband's involvement with the Boy Scouts of America; funding the Boy Scouts Building downtown in honor of her husband; the historical flags displayed in the Flag Room; board member, Boy Scouts of America; discussion of the development of the National Flag Foundation; furnishing the building;
[T1S2] discussion of her reasons for converting to Christianity; her affiliation with the Episcopal Church; discussion of healing services and her own personal experience with healing; political affiliation; discussion of her husband's nervous condition and breakdown; recollections of the depression years and prohibition; changes in the city of Pittsburgh; opinions of the Jewish community of Pittsburgh; her interest in sculpting; recipient, Fellow in Perpetuity of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Award, Betsy Ross Award, Daniel Beard Award of the Cincinnati Council of Boy Scouts, V.F.W. Award, the David L. Lawrence Award; her purchase of a bell for the Bicentennial in Southwestern Pennsylvania and a model of the Statue of Liberty;
[T2S3] reiteration of her list of awards; discussion of her receiving the Silver Beaver Award from Boy Scouts of America in 1976; her pleasure in her work with the Boy Scouts.
Boy Scouts of America; Jews--Conversion to Christianity; Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Binghamton, NY
Music management
Squirrel Hill
Occupation (father)
Aluminum Business
Length (hours)
Heymann, Bessie
Lefkowitz, Sarah
Reynolds, Jacqueline
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