Langer, William
Interview Date
February 3, 1969
Provides biographical information.
[T1S1] Respondent's house is described. Respondent details wages as tailor's apprentice. Respondent explains the selection of his occupation. Respondent expresses opinion of Russians. Respondent discusses meaning and aims of "Poale Zion." Respondent recounts anti-Semitism of Russian government and describes the looting and violence of pogroms. Respondent recounts economic discrimination in Russia and the opportunities in Austria. Respondent's conversation with Kaiser Franz-Joseph as a captured Russian soldier is recounted. Respondent notes time imprisoned and describes bribery to be included in a prisoner exchange.
[T1S2] Respondent mentions his return from war, wife's factory and his change of occupation. Son's birth and wife's death are noted; Respondent explains necessity of leaving son with guardian. Respondent mentions economic conditions in Russian cities after the Revolution. Respondent describes rescuing son from a pogrom. Respondent describes difficulty obtaining visa to Austria from Romania with second wife; Respondent explains motivation to immigrate to U.S. Respondent discusses his wait and work in Romania. Respondent indicates route, and household items brought, to U.S. Respondent compares U.S. freedom to European oppression. Respondent notes rent for first room. Respondent's wages and hours as tailor are detailed. Respondent notes acquiring English and enumerates cultural pursuits.
[T2S3] Respondent enumerates religious practices and explains decrease in synagogue's congregation. Respondent's Pittsburgh doctors are noted. Respondent indicates organizational memberships. Citizenship information is provided; Respondent explains political affiliation. Respondent provides marriage information and comments on intermarriage. Child's education and marriage is discussed. Respondent expresses contentment with U.S.
Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, 1830-1916--Interviews; Quality of life--Europe; Labor Zionist Organization of America - Poale Zion; Pogroms; Party affiliation; Russia; Europe--Social conditions; Europe--Politics and government; World War, 1914-1918--Personal narratives
Birth Date
Boguslav Kiev
Emigration Date
Tailor (Eu), Businessman (Eu)
Homewood, Dunlevy St.
Occupation (father)
Leather Merchant
Length (hours)
Strauchler, Jennie
Serban, Bill
Collateral Materials
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