Landes, Morris
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Morris Landes, a rabbi with a PhD in education, he served at the Adath Jeshurun Synagogue in Pittsburgh;
[T1S1] information about various family members, their professions and families; recollections of home life in his parents' home in a suburb of Boston; his father's service as a rabbi and religious educator; his religious education at a seminary in Boston; high school education; recollections of activities as a youth; his ordination in 1941 and first employment in Lynn, Massachusetts; courtship and marriage; move to Pittsburgh, PA; his congregation in the Stanton Heights area; founder, Pittsburgh Zionist Federation;
[T1S2] recollections of activities at the synagogue when he first moved to Pittsburgh in 1948; the movement of Jews into the East End section of the city; the merger in the 1970s of Knesset Israel congregation with Adeth Jeshurun Synagogue; some history of other synagogues in the city; recollections of the Stanton Heights congregation in the 1950s; the movement of Jews into the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh in the 1960s; rabbis who influenced him; some history of Jewish congregations in the Hill District of Pittsburgh;
[T2S3] education, Harvard University, Dropsie College, and the University of Pittsburgh; views about the religious schools in Pittsburgh; views about some Jewish organizations;
[T2S4] his service as vice president and president of Pittsburgh's Zionist Organization; his work on Action Housing; his relationships with Mayor Barr and Governor Lawrence; views about the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; observations about the emerging democracies in Eastern Europe and Russia;
[T3S5] an anecdote about the 20th Anniversary State of Israel; his wife's grandfather Herzog's service as Chief Rabbi of Ireland; recollection of his family's first trip to Israel; names and views about other rabbis with whom he was associated in Pittsburgh.
[T3S6] No abstract for this side.
Barr, David; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Lawrence, David Leo, 1889-1966; Rabbis; Synagogues; Adath Jeshurun Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Zionism
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Braun, Howard
Kimball, Harold
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