Labovitz, Gertrude
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Gertrude Labovitz served as president and as an executive board member for the Pittsburgh Chapter of United Cerebral Palsy; birth year, 1903;
[T1S1] early life in Morgantown, WV; her piano studies at a boarding school in Roanoke, VA; her family's role in the community of Morgantown; the Jewish community there; her father's role in establishing the first Jewish fraternity at West Virginia University; description of her mother; her move to Pittsburgh to study music and art at Carnegie Mellon; social life at Carnegie Mellon; courtship and marriage to David Labovitz; his education in chemistry; discussion of his service in chemical warfare during WWI; her work with the National Council of Jewish Women with refugees during WWII; her work with the Nurses Aide Corps of the American Red Cross; holding a summer workshop in her home for children with cerebral palsy; studying handcrafts at the University of Pittsburgh; board member, Easter Seals Society; her role in establishing a Pittsburgh Chapter of the United Cerebral Palsy organization; fundraising through telethons in the city; merger of United Cerebral Palsy with United Way; beginnings of the United Cerebral Palsy organization;
[T1S2] history of the organization; discussion of day care centers set up for children with cerebral palsy; changes in the medical community's attitude toward cerebral palsy; her service as president and executive board member of the organization; description of a typical day in the day care facility; discussion of the cerebral palsy victim's organization of officers and conventions; the multiple handicaps of cerebral palsy victims; research for preventative measures; her compilation of a history of the organization; her involvement with the Home for Crippled Children; her other activities and studies; her husband's death; discussion of her comparative religion course with Rabbi Kaplan; trips to Israel; her views about Israel; her visits to Israel during war times;
[T2S3] more discussion of her experiences in Israel; other travels; discussion of a music cruise on a French ocean liner; her husband's birthdate
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Israel; United Cerebral Palsy Associations
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Alpern, Betty
Holmes, Nancy
Reynolds, Jacqueline
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