Klionsky, Bernard
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Bernard Klionsky, a medical doctor who specialized in pathology and set up a Department of Pathology in the new medical school at Beersheba Hospital in Israel; birth year, 1925;
[T1S1] marriage of thirty- nine years to Esther Walde; family background; his children, their ages and careers; creating the pathology department in Beersheba in 1974-75; education, Harvard College, Syracuse Medical School, and Hahnemann Medical College, PA; internship at Wisconsin General Hospital and residency at University of Kansas; move to Pittsburgh in 1961 to become director of Laboratories at Magee-Women's Hospital for twenty-seven years; 1988, takes position at Presbyterian Hospital; discussion of his work at Magee-Women's Hospital; original founder of Congregation Dor Hadash and president of Young People's Synagogue; president, American Cancer Society, Pittsburgh Chapter; discussion of American Cancer Association and other "look alike" organizations; life at Harvard, September, 1942; discussion of three years in Navy from age eighteen to twenty-one; growing-up in Binghamton, NY; recollections of public school and Hebrew School; high school activities, part-time jobs; his siblings and their careers; cultural interests; contrasting life in Pittsburgh with life in the smaller city of Binghamton; views on importance of family influence on children; wife's education at Radcliffe College and Boston Hebrew College;
[T1S2] continuation of wife's education and informal teaching; discussion of views on raising children; marriage in second year of medical school; birth of children; hobbies; his definition of a pathologist; renting a home in Mt. Lebanon, PA; changes in neighborhood; life in Kansas City; depression years and memories of Binghamton; family vacations; comparison of his upbringing to that of his children;
[T2S3] continuation of discussion on raising children; his sabbatical in London; initial impressions of Israel; setting up the pathology department at Beersheba Hospital; dealing with the Rabbinate in Israel; pros and cons of being a pathologist; inventor of the "open-top cryostat" which revolutionized pathological techniques; further highlights of his career;
[T2S4] institution of changes at Magee-Women's Hospital; sabbatical studying Membrane biochemistry at Carnegie Mellon; feelings toward his profession and reasons for his choice in careers; influences and mentors; his position with University of Pittsburgh Medical School; discussion of involvement with various programs; training students in pathology; personal reflections.
Hospitals; Clinics; Beersheba (Israel); Magee Women's Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Israel; Physicians; Medicine; Pathology; Pathologists; Synagogues; Young Peoples Synagogue (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
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Lurie, Mari
Menlowe, Mildred
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