Kaplan, Natalie A.
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[T1S1] Respondent gives background of parents: mother, Sadie Goldstein; father, Sam Adler. Notes father's business: Phillips Ave. Pharmacy; mother, bookkeeper there. Respondent depicts early childhood: happy, raised in Squirrel Hill; attended H.B. Davis School, Wightman School, Taylor Allderdice and Rodef Shalom Sunday school, also taught there; gives brother's name. Graduated Penn State, degree in child development. Respondent describes holiday celebrations in home, Friday night dinners (still continues tradition); gives names of maternal grandparents. Respondent comments on summer activities: vacations in Atlantic City; Laurel Y Camp. Respondent received masters degree in education: University of Pittsburgh.; met Margaret McFarland, who became her mentor, also met Dr. Spock; first job at Frick pre-school. Respondent reflects on meeting Larry Kaplan; dated 1 year, married 1952.
[T1S2] Respondent describes Frick school: day care center, comments on program; husband's completion of law degree; his Army duty and move to Charlottesville, VA. Provides names, birth dates of children and return to Pittsburgh. Notes employment at First Unitarian Church, remained there 15 years; became administrator of program. Respondent explains changing needs of families requiring day care: longer day necessary; approached Chatham College to start Carriage House, approved 6/74.
[T2S3] Provides details on Carriage House: number of children attending, hours, schedule; started with infants, then age 2 and kindergarten. Respondent explains study done by Squirrel Hill Urban Coalition to assess needs for day care in Squirrel Hill; infant toddler program started 1981: Wightman School, purchased for $100,000; Respondent notes mission statement: to provide community service and cannot compete with Pittsburgh. School board; started under umbrella of Carriage House. Gives names of past board presidents of Carriage House, number of board members, number on staff, 200 children enrolled, number of students per teacher.
[T2S4] Respondent notes goal: maintain quality care and improve building, $300,000 needed; raise salaries. Respondent comments on good fortune, happy marriage: both partners very supportive of each other; role as "political wife": involvement with husband's campaign for judge; his position in family court and children's help with campaign and Carriage House. Notes careers of 3 children. Respondent discusses movement of families from Pittsburgh. to suburbs and other cities; feels Carriage House instrumental in keeping young families here, notes diversity of families with children at Carriage House.
Carriage House Children's Center (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Chatham College; Child development; Day care centers; Education; Kaplan, Lawrence W.; Public schools; Wightman School (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
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