Itkin, Ivan
Interview Date
Respondent, Democratic whip representative in Pennsylvania State Legislature, born 1936.
[T1S1] Respondent tells family background father's family from Russia; mother's from Germany; their marriage; Respondent's birth in New York City. Respondent describes childhood; attended several grade schools; high school; degree in chemistry; involvement in Boy Scouts; family holiday gatherings. Respondent talks about religion; attending very traditional Hebrew School; decision to switch to Reform; his Bar Mitzvah. Respondent recalls childhood memories; college honors in mathematics; attending Polytechnical Institute of Brooklyn's Engineering School (Poly Tech). Respondent mentions polio scare. Respondent talks about Poly Tech; studying chemical engineering.
[T1S2] Respondent mentions master's degree in nuclear engineering; working at Westinghouse in their Defense and Commerce Division at Bettis Atomic Energy Position; working toward PhD at University of Pittsburgh's Physics Department; receiving PhD in 1964 in Mathematics Department; various residences in Pittsburgh. Respondent talks about courtship, marriage to first wife; balancing work, school; son Mark's birth; daughter Laurie's birth. Respondent tells story how he became involved in politics; working on Molly Yard Garrett's campaign; involvement in Gerald Kaufmann's campaign; Respondent running, winning seat in State Legislature in 1972; divorce from first wife; courtship, marriage to Joyce Lee Hadock in 1975; living in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh; son Max's birth.
[T2S3] Respondent lists accomplishments, position held in legislature including majority leader (1992), Democratic whip in 1994. Respondent mentions leave of absence he took from Westinghouse in 1972; resigned in 1974 to stay in Legislature. Respondent mentions boards he has served on. Respondent talks about personal activities; son, Max. Respondent discusses future in legislature. Respondent mentions wife Joyce was delegate for Bill Clinton in 1996; Respondent still looking for future political opportunities.
Democratic Party (Pa.); Pennsylvania. General Assembly. House of Representatives; Engineering; Garrett, Molly Yard; Harrisburg (Pa.); Kaufmann, Gerald; New York (N.Y.); Pennsylvania. General Assembly.; Politics; Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company
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Karelitz, Bess
Richman, Barbara
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