Holstein, Lillian
Interview Date
January 24, 1977
Lillian Holstein, a homemaker and volunteer serving as International Affairs chairman for B'nai B'rith (BB);
[T1S1] birth date, March 1, 1914 in New York; family genealogy; father's citizenship and employment; early life in New York; graduate of Hunter College in New York at age 19; list of residences in New York; atmosphere in parents' home; employment in retail during the depression due to lack of teaching positions; religious education and affiliation in New York; President of family organization in New York called Children of Joseph;
[T1S2] elementary school experiences; political affiliation; first voting experience; marriage in 1935 and subsequent move to Pittsburgh, PA; impressions of Pittsburgh at that time; husband's family and upbringing; courtship; effects of depression on her career;
[T2S3] three sons, Steve, Russell, and Bruce; initial involvement with BB; difficulties of war years; office holder with National BB; facets, membership, and origins of BB; International Affairs chairman for BB;
[T2S4] opinions on current Jewish leadership; future of Jewish community; affiliation with Temple Sinai; president of Sisterhood, Temple Sinai; husband's offices at Temple Sinai; member, Parent Teachers Association; hobbies; travels with husband; travels for BB; feelings toward Israel; meeting Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion, Henry Kissinger, Dr. Abraham Heschel;
[T3S5] BB oral history program; future of BB relies on attracting young women; Mt. Lebanon's three chapters of BB; relationship with BB men; changes in BB; BB representative to United Nations; recollection of a conference with United States dignitaries during Yom Kippur War; fight to throw BB out of United Nations; differences in Israeli and American government; personal growth through BB;
[T3S6] discussion of young adults today; changes in Pittsburgh Jewish life; today's anti-Semitism; views of her accomplishments; sons' careers; success of an organization; opinions on importance of volunteerism.
B'nai B'rith; Economic Depression; Synagogues; Temple Sinai (Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Length (hours)
Louik, Mildred
Mandelblatt, Natalie
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