Grauer, Julliette
Interview Date
Respondent Social Worker, born 1918.
[T1S1] Respondent gives names of parents: Fanny and Arnold Deutelbaum, director of J. M. Gusky Hebrew Home and Orphanage; wife of Robert Grauer, prominent endocrinologist. Respondent mentions parents move from Chicago to Pittsburgh in 1918. Respondent details layout of orphanage, family house, activities at orphanage during youth; reminisces about friendships with girls from orphanage and school. Respondent describes daily activities, Jewish celebrations at orphanage, especially Passover. Respondent mentions schooling at Rodef Shalom, Perry High School; graduating from University of Pittsburgh with degree in psychology and sociology. Respondent discusses dating, female social role during college; studying social work at Carnegie Institute of Technology graduate school. Respondent mentions her jobs in social work, child counseling. Respondent provides more insight on women's social roles, how it conflicts with women's careers, education. Respondent reflects on courtship, marriage to husband, her new role managing household, son's birth. Respondent talks about volunteering with several local organizations; restarting her professional career; husbands death. Respondent reflects on relationship with aging parents, siblings.
[T1S2] Respondent talks of marriage in 1946; raising son; daily activities; household management. Respondent describes husband's career as pathologist and promotion to director of William H. Singer Memorial Institute. Respondent reflects more on women's roles in household versus men's roles and her relationship with husband. Respondent talks of career after husband's death and decision to quit working. Respondent discusses her decision to begin volunteering again; focuses on her job and responsibilities at Carnegie Museum as travel film coordinator and docent.
[T2S3] Respondent talks about history of J. M. Gusky Hebrew Home and Orphanage and its founders Rodef Shalom Temple and Jewish Federation. Respondent describes Saturday services and Passover celebrations at orphanage. Respondent details various duties of her parents and other workers. Respondent reminisces about Founders Day celebrations. Respondent talks about life at orphanage and values parents and orphanage instilled in her. Respondent mentions what children did once they left orphanage. Respondent comments on some of the residents, including Louis Caplan. Respondent reflects on how orphanage influenced her career. Respondent comments on movement away from orphanages toward foster homes. Respondent discusses orphanage's philosophy and activities. Respondent offers opinions on foster homes. Respondent talks about orphanage closing and new organizations that took its place. Respondent reminisces about activities at Chatham Grade School and Perry High School. Respondent explains how orphanage and its staff were funded. Respondent describes activities and education at orphanage.
[T2S4] Respondent elaborates on her husband Dr. Robert Grauer's family background. Respondent tells anecdote about Robert going to University of Pittsburgh medical school. Respondent mentions Robert's residency at Mercy Hospital as pathologist; move to Allegheny General Hospital. Respondent mentions Robert was first Jewish doctor at each hospital he worked at. Respondent describes Robert's career as director of endocrinology at W. H. Singer Memorial Laboratory. Respondent details research done at institute. Respondent provides more detail about married life and responsibilities. Respondent touched upon anti-Semitism in their lives both socially and professionally. Respondent explains her views on Jewish beliefs and traditions and instilling it in her son. Respondent reflects on memorial picture of Robert that was commissioned for Singer Institute.
[T3S5] Respondent finishes story about Robert's portrait. Respondent talks about her involvement in Jewish community.
Caplan, Louis; Deutelbaum, Arnold; Deutelbaum, Fanny; Grauer, Robert; Hospitals; Allegheny General Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Museums; Carnegie Museum ; Jewish orphanages; J.M. Gusky Hebrew Orphanage Home (Pittsburgh, Pa.); William H. Singer Memorial Research Laboratory; Allegheny-Singer Research Institute; Social service; Women
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Tauberg, Madelain
Vatz, Virginia
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