Goodman, Bernard
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Bernard Goodman, a lawyer specializing in bankruptcy who served as president, Jewish Home for the Aged;
[T1S1] 1922, begins practice with Louis Alpern which lasted twenty-five years; marriage to Pearl Cohen in 1927; her death at age forty-two; he remarries; joins Westmoreland Country Club and Concordia Club; begins work with Jewish Home for the Aged in 1945; discussion of bankruptcy practice;
[T1S2] changes in attitudes toward bankruptcy; discussion of particular cases; early prejudice against Jewish lawyers; discrimination in social fraternities while a student at the University of Pittsburgh; service with Bar Association committees and in the Rotary Club; service as president, Jewish Home for the Aged (JHA) for sixteen years, beginning in 1958; discussion of JHA;
[T2S4] his secrets of success; family history; parent's residences; number of siblings; parent's deaths; his loss of eyesight; state of health; stepchildren from marriage to Eleanor Blum; religious practices; fears for future; family finances; cultural activities;
[T3S5] comparison of life in Pittsburgh and Connellsville, PA, an early family residence; first marriage and wedding trip; meeting Ellie Blum after first wife's death; hobbies; activities; family vacations; residences in Pittsburgh;
[T3S6] recollections of depression and Prohibition; daughter's education; successes and regrets; loss of first wife after years of illness; changes in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; son of Polish immigrants; Jewish life in Pittsburgh at time of interview; opinions on Israel.
Connellsville (Pa.); Jewish Home for the Aged (Pittsburgh (Pa.).); Lawyers; Law; Pittsburgh (Pa.)
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Weaver, Moss
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