Goldstein, Lillian
Interview Date
Respondent Educator, born 1911
[T1S1] Respondent provides background information: no knowledge of grandparents, parents born in Europe, mentions their marriage in Pittsburgh and births of all children; gives name of oldest brother, Eli, physician, "shining light of family"; mentions B'nai Brith lodge named for him. Respondent recalls early years in Lawrenceville, mostly Polish neighborhood; describes businesses on Penn Ave.: many owned by Jewish shopkeepers; reflects on father's shoe business; flourished, no hardships in providing college education for children. Respondent recounts names of Jewish families in Lawrenceville; notes unfamiliarity with other Jewish neighborhoods in city; mainly Hill District; aware of Irene Kaufmann Settlement; never visited, no transportation. Respondent gives name of oldest sister and her move to Washington, DC, after marriage; died, 1968; explains brother Eli never married; died, 1964; gives name of second sister and marriage to Samuel Adler, pharmacist; discusses their two children, both professionals; grandchildren and their education. Respondent reflects on relationship with third sister: both teachers: their vacations together; recalls attendance at O'Hara Elementary school, 26<sup>th</sup> St; then Schenley High School and University of Pittsburgh: two degrees, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science; unaware of anti-Semitism when growing up; lived in mixed neighborhood: harmonious. Respondent reminisces on first teaching position: Miller School in Hill District; first job available after graduation; second teaching position: Robert L. Vann School, Wylie Ave., mixed population; no problems with children; explains parents cooperation with teachers, especially in disciplinary methods; lack of cooperation with today's parents; remained at Robert L. Vann School many years. Respondent recalls father's death: 1929; mother died: 1936; describes kosher home and attending Ohav Shalom Synagogue in Lawrenceville: 28<sup>th</sup> Street and Liberty Ave.; mentions family move to East End and affiliation with B'nai Israel Synagogue; attended Sunday school; confirmation, then teaching in Sunday school. Respondent recalls close association with Rabbi Benjamin Lichter; notes move from East End to Squirrel Hill; family joined Rodef Shalom Temple; describes teaching pre-Confirmation class, notes large attendance then and religious school classes held Saturday and Sunday. Respondent comments on travels with sister: no unusual treatment because of their Jewishness; describes visits to various countries; expresses positive aspects of living in Squirrel Hill: Jewish Community Center; reverts to family's economic conditions: good; not necessary to work before graduation from college; mentions brother Eli's attendance at medical school, brother Henry's attendance at dental school.
[T1S2] Respondent provides name of mother: Tilla Rimson: her family, siblings and extended family; mentions establishment of Eli Goldstein B'nai B'rith Lodge; describes niece Natalie Adler Kaplan: her organization of children's day care center and its importance to community: details her education, gives name of husband, Judge Larry Kaplan and their three children. Respondent provides name of nephew: Dr. Lawrence Adler; his 2 sons and their education. Respondent notes mother greatest influence in her life: dominant woman; father, business man, wanted children to work and earn money, mother believed education most important; describes brother's Bar Mitzvah's at Ohav Shalom Synagogue. Respondent recalls Pittsburgh as cultural city: notes Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh not yet finished; recalls Young Men and Women's Hebrew Association (YMandWHA) newly built; reflects on good facilities, health benefits, entertainment, vital to the community; sale of building to University of Pittsburgh. Respondent states senior citizens in earlier years housed in Anathan House; watched progress of new Jewish Community Center building; comments on Presidency of senior adult group, 1980; reflects on establishment of lounge subsidized by Respondent and sister, Jean; explains brother Henry sponsored conference room next to lounge; then all purpose room sponsored by Respondent and brother Henry. R sheds light on travels to Spanish speaking countries during school vacations: extreme poverty, children beg for money; poor education; reverts to discussion of growing up years: no participation in recreational activities, some social life, vacations unheard of in family; describes religious practices of siblings. Respondent discusses involvement with Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged; became president of auxiliary from 1987 to 1991, remains on board of directors.
[T2S3] Respondent mentions involvement with United Jewish Federation: served on committee regarding grants and other allocations: sent deserving high school students to Israel: notes establishment of medical scholarship at University of Pittsburgh in memory of brother, Eli. Respondent reflects on retirement from teaching, age 72; repeats information from previous tape, provides additional information on family and religious observances; explains first trip to Israel: 1955, attended medical convention with brother. Respondent reminisces on work in community: "never realized her value in the community nor understood why so many people knew of her and her accomplishments"; reflects on her good deeds. Respondent discusses latest endowments: synagogue at Jewish Association on Aging (JAA) in memory of sister, Jean, chapel to be endowed at Hillel House in memory of brother, Henry; most pleasant work: Personal Care unit at Jewish Home and Hospital for Aged.
[T2S4] Respondent discusses void created by death of brother, Henry: not capable of any future activities.
Education; Jewish Association on Aging (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Jewish Community Center (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Jewish Home and Hospital for the Aged (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Lawrenceville (Pa.); Philanthropists; Charities
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Herzog, Bernice
Herzog, Marvin
Berger, Betty
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