Goldstein, Dora
Interview Date
[T1S1]Indicates accommodations and layout of apartment buildings in Odessa. Relatives' support of the family is noted as are brothers' photographic apprenticeships. Education available in Tomashpol and Odessa are indicated. Parents' rented estate in Tomashpol is discussed; father's economic motivation to emigrate is explained. Synagogue built onto grandfather's house in Tomashpol is described. Living arrangements with mother's family is reported; impetus to relocate to Odessa is noted. Odessa's civic recreational facilities are described. Fears of pogroms are expressed. Circumstances and route of family's emigration are indicated. Abandonment by and fate of father are related. Means of support in Pittsburgh and objects lost during passage are described. Household water-filtration devices in Pittsburgh are described. Respondent's first day in Pittsburgh is recounted.
[T1S2] Activities at, and kindness of, the Columbian Council (NCJW) are indicated. Accommodations in Hill District are reported. Work and responsibilities in stogie factory and clerical offices are described. Wages and hours at May Drug Company are detailed. Sincerity of teachers and extent of activities at Columbian Council (NCJW) are indicated. Respondent extensively enumerates cultural pursuits and methods to learn English. Respondent's charter membership in B'nai Israel and use of mikvah prior to marriage are indicated. Interviewer relates first occurrence of Respondent mixing dishes. Respondent reports ailments and doctor in Pittsburgh; visits by Columbian Council (NCJW) nurse are noted. Respondent's friends in Pittsburgh are specified; relatives abroad are noted. Respondent's tardy citizenship application is discussed; marriage information is provided. Children's Jewish and secular educations are noted.
[T2S3] No abstract for this side.
Immigrants--Travel--Personal narratives; Jews--Dietary laws; Quality of life; Mikveh; National Council of Jewish Women; Europe--Social life and customs; Synagogues
Birth Date
Tomashpol, Odessa
Emigration Date
Stogie factory worker, Clerical worker
Kaufmann's; Pittsburgh Post; Singer Sewing Machine; May Drug Co.
Hill District, Wooster St., Webster Ave., Bedford Ave.
Occupation (father)
Wheat grower
Length (hours)
Collateral Materials
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