Frumerman, Pauline Marks
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Frumerman, Dr. Pauline Marks, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh medical school, was one of the first females to practice medicine in the city; birth year, 1894;
[T1S1] mother's family's emigration from Lithuania and settlement on a farm outside of Wilkes-Barre, PA; they found Lehigh Coal Company; mother's birth and education; father's residence in England for twenty-two years; leaves England to move to Wilkes-Barre, PA; discussion of Wilkes-Barre and the bus line that ran there; religious education in the family; parents' marriage in Wilkes-Barre; father's general store; movement of family around the state of Pennsylvania; father's business becomes a men's store called K and M Stores; his death; her siblings and their careers; her graduation from Radcliffe College; her war work that led to medical school; attending the University of Pittsburgh medical school; discussion of being female in a medical school at that time; opens her first office in the Homewood area of Pittsburgh; her work at West Penn Hospital in the Pediatric Ward; her retirement; patients that come to her home for treatment; the other women in her class at Radcliffe;
[T1S2] her gradual acceptance into the medical community of Pittsburgh; religious atmosphere in her parents' home; her interest in music, reading and cross country hiking; description of her mother; their Scottish Presbyterian neighborhood when she was growing up; education, Belmar School, Homewood School, Fifth Avenue High School, and Central High School; her siblings' educations and careers; siblings' deaths; recollections of the depression; early health care; activities as a youth; family vacations; playing the piano; her affiliation with the Women's Peace League, the National Council of Jewish Women for sixty years, and the Consumers Union;
[T2S3] description of her present neighborhood; discussion of her courtship and marriage to Mr. Frumerman; her Jewish and non-Jewish friends; husband's background in a family of rabbis; mixed marriages in her family; discussion of raising her sister's third child, a polio victim; the child's education and marriage; other nieces and nephews; changes in Pittsburgh; views of her accomplishments and failures; discussion of her work at the gynecology clinic during WWII; her brother's achievements and organizational affiliations; her work with Juvenile Court and the state as a review physician for the board of Rehabilitation; discussion of the board of Rehabilitation; her travels abroad;
[T2S4] her activities with her immediate family; hobbies; friendships with teachers and members of the Women's League for Peace and Freedom.
Homewood (Pittsburgh, Pa.); National Council of Jewish Women; Physicians; Medicine
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