Friedman, Janice
Interview Date
Respondent Businesswoman, Writer and Producer, born 8/26/25.
[T1S1] Respondent gives detailed family background: father, Jack Segal, Lithuania, a founder of New Diamond Market; mother: Ida Lee Schatz; Lithuania, retail sales. Respondent names grandparents and all maternal and paternal relatives. Respondent gives names and occupations of 2 brothers; their children. Provides information on how parents met; lists all places of mother's employment. Respondent notes various addresses where family lived; father died, 1966; mother died, 1986, both from Cancer. Reflects on father: his background and his parents. Attended H.B. Davis school, Colfax, Taylor Allderdice: 1 of original drum majorettes and comments on graduation: University of Pittsburgh., best years. While attending University of Pittsburgh., Respondent worked as sales girl: Rosenbaum's Department Store; lists various positions held; last year at University of Pittsburgh., in department of retail training. Respondent comments on retail clothing stores: shrinking markets due to discount stores; disappointed with decline in retail business.
[T1S2] Respondent discusses business: Maternity Fashions, started 47 years ago; goal: to remain for 3 more years. Respondent recalls Jenkins Arcade: 1<sup>st</sup> location of store; comments on changes in retail shops. Respondent met husband: Alter Friedman, 1950; married 1952; gives details of meeting; lists names and birth dates of 4 children. Respondent lives in original house, Squirrel Hill; lists children's work, names of husbands of married children; 2 children not married; names of grandchildren. Respondent comments on religious observances, member, Rodef Shalom. Notes parents members, Beth Shalom.
[T2S3] Respondent provides additional information on children; comments on Squirrel Hill Jewish community while growing up. Respondent expresses interest in party planning; comments on housekeeper; lists locations of husbands business: Ritz Shops, husband now in advertising specialties. Respondent comments on song writing business: gives long list of shows and organizations for whom she wrote.
[T2S4] Respondent comments on relationship with Don Brockett; names shows she wrote for him. Respondent names long list of people she worked with and types of shows she wrote; notes: writes every day for constant practice. Respondent provides information on NCJW (National Council of Jewish Women) Designer Dress Days: does all marking; describes exclusive stores that donate clothing and names of designers. Comments on Thrift Shop and new location: difficult time getting volunteers. Respondent lists numerous boards on which she serves, diversified groups; comments on husband's activities; surgery for Breast Cancer.
[T3S5] Respondent states position with Alpha Epsilon Phi, comments on social activities while growing up, describes Pittsburgh. as "wonderful place." Respondent comments on WWII: mother's role as volunteer; Respondent's role as majorette during war effort; money raised; provides additional comments on Rodef Shalom; becoming more traditional. Respondent reflects on general assembly conference of UJF (United Jewish Federation); meetings with Charles Bronfman and Max Fisher. Respondent comments briefly on depression, summer vacations spent with many friends. Respondent comments on joining Race for the Cure: 1991; gives details of Breast Cancer: her diagnosis and treatment, 1994.
[T3S6] Respondent describes interest in other areas after retirement. Comments on supportive family. Respondent comments briefly on racing in Pittsburgh. Marathon: greatest accomplishment. Respondent makes positive comments on NCJW: its Oral History project; very hopeful about future generations.
Brockett, Don; Maternity clothes; Medical care; Breast--Cancer--Treatment; National Council of Jewish Women.Pittsburgh Section. Designer Dress Days; Performing arts; Composers; Lyricists
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Schwartz, Marcie
Stolzer, Shirley
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