Freehof, Lillian S. (Lillian Simon)
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Freehof, Lillian, wife of Rabbi Solomon B. Freehof, volunteer for the Jewish Braille Institute and teacher of Braille, and writer of numerous books;
[T1S1] family life in a Scandinavian village outside of Chicago; brothers' religious education; father's occupation as printer of a newspaper in Chicago; proofreading for his newspaper; recollections of neighborhood, recreation and upbringing; relationship with siblings; education, Austin High School; move to Chicago's south side; employment as a legal secretary; employment as secretary to Dr. Freehof for five years; education, University of Wisconsin, University of Pittsburgh; degree in psychology; student of short story writing at the University of Pittsburgh; courtship and marriage in 1934; move to Pittsburgh; some history of Rodef Shalom, Dr. Freehof's congregation;
[T1S2] her role as the wife of a rabbi; expectations of a rabbi's wife; description of her husband; his influence on her life; her service with various organizations, including Rodef Shalom Sisterhood, Gusky Orphanage, Jewish Social Services Bureau, Child Guidance Center, United Jewish Federation, National Council of Jewish Women and national board member of National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods; learning Braille through the Red Cross; beginning Braille classes at Rodef Shalom Sisterhood; Braille transcriber for the Jewish Braille Institute in New York and for the Library of Congress; husband's modern literature classes at Rodef Shalom;
[T2S3] story of how she began writing; discussion of her writings which include plays, books of legends and books for teens; <i>The Right Way</i>, a book on ethics for children; three books for adults, <i>Flowers and Festivals of the Jewish Year</i>, <i>Embroidery and Fabrics for Synagogue and Home</i>, and <i>Little Recipes, Big Type</i>; experiments with cooking; her work with husband as editor of the <i>Union Prayer Book</i>;
[T2S4] travels with her husband as chairman of the Responsa Committee of the Central Conference of America; the couple's lectures in Rhodesia and South Africa; her lectures in the United States on Braille, ethics, and youth work for the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods; more discussion of South Africa; trips to Israel, Paris, London, and Amsterdam; changes in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; growing interest in Israel and Soviet Jewry;
[T3S5] views on her accomplishments and regrets in life; more discussion on being the wife of a rabbi; recreational activities; story behind the cover photo of <i>Embroidery and Fabrics for Synagogue and Home</i>; recollections of youth; family background; parental discipline.
Blindness; Braille; Freehof, Solomon Bennett, 1892-; Jewish Braille Institute of America; Synagogues; Rodef Shalom Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Author; Creative writing
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Reynolds, Jacqueline
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