Forscher, Frederick
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Forscher, Frederick, a PhD in nuclear engineering has served as quality assurance specialist with the National Nuclear Regulatory Commission, was a founder of Nuclear Metals Corporation, Incorporated (NUMEC), and began the <i>Energy Concept and Analysis Quarterly</i>;
[T1S1] date of birth, May 20, 1918; father's employment in interior painting in Vienna; some background of father's life; three sons in family separated in escape from Vienna; involvement in Boy Scouts in Vienna; recollection of Nazi activity and confrontations with Hitler Boy Scouts; getting permits to leave Austria; parents' death in concentration camps;
[T1S2] story of escape to America; Kurt Waldheim's anti-Semitic policies in Austria at time of interview; Austria's obligation to Jews; receiving vocational training in Austria; brother's career and experiences with violent anti-Semitism; discussion of difference in Austrian and American painting techniques; unemployment during depression; National Council of Jewish Women aids him in finding employment in Des Moines, IA; recollections of Des Moines; return to New York in 1939 to work as a dishwasher in a kosher hotel; incident with a roommate who was a German spy; questioning from FBI concerning roommate's activities;
[T2S3] employment with Richman Brothers as a shipping clerk; courtship of Mia Weiner; enlistment in Army, 1941; training in Harbor Defense in Fort Eustice, VA; duties as Master Gunner in Fort Lewis, DE; obtaining United States Citizenship and assignment to New York University; attains degree in civil engineering; marriage to Mia Weiner, 1944; graduate work at Princeton; receives orders to go to the Philippines;
[T2S4] experiences in the Philippines; Japan's surrender and return to Princeton complete graduate degree; receives PhD from Columbia University in 1952; employment with Westinghouse from 1952 to 1957; birth of first child; beginning NUMEC, Incorporated in 1957 with Zalman Shapiro; sale of NUMEC to Atlantic Richfield after ten years;
[T3S5] discussion of NUMEC, a nuclear fuel manufacturer; develops use of radiation in prevention of food spoilage; Smithsonian Institute holds some of his notes and records from the period with NUMEC; science-energy consultant to Congressman Moorehead;
[T3S6] discussion of experiences with the government as an energy expert; his analysis and reports on the Three Mile Island incident; 1979, becomes quality assurance specialist for the National Nuclear Regulatory Commission; forms Energy Management Consultants, Inc.; views on concept of energy; begins <i>Energy Concept and Analysis Quarterly</i>; views on most satisfying aspects of his life; future of nuclear power; testing for radon in private homes; children's lives; plans for the future.
Antisemitism; Austria; National socialism; Nuclear energy; Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp.; U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Company; World War, 1939-1945
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Kimball, Harold
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