Fleischman, Justin
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Fleischman, Justin owned a photography studio in Squirrel Hill and served with Adolf Hitler in World War I.
[T1S1] Indicates birthplaces of parents in Bavaria. Years of siblings' births and deaths are specified. Father's change of business and residence in Germany are mentioned. Respondent chronicles his university studies. Financial hardships and successes after WWI are noted. Brother's education, marriage and immigration are related. Respondent indicates his military service with Adolph Hitler during WWI. Respondent's degree of familiarity with, and feelings toward, Hitler after WWI are reported. Respondent explains not personally encountering anti-Semitism and specifies mutual friend of Respondent's and Hitler. Respondent briefly illustrates Nazis' repression in 1930s. Kindnesses of the Kaufmanns upon Respondent's arrival in U.S. are noted. Respondent explains pursuing photography and opening studio in Squirrel Hill. Change in brothers' and own religious lives are reported.
[T1S2] Circumstances of Respondent's acquaintance with wife are related. Son's birth, marriage, education and work are indicated. Respondent's immediate affection for U.S. is expressed. Respondent's civic and recreational activities are enumerated. Respondent's attitudes toward Germany are explained; Respondent characterizes the German people. Health difficulties of Respondent and wife in later years are reported; initial friends in Pittsburgh are named. Amount of restitution received from the German government is indicated; R's views on Zionism as youth in Germany are recounted.
Germany; Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945; National socialism; Photography
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Harrison, Mary
Dinman, Gabrielle
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