Fisher, Myrtle M.
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Fisher, Myrtle, a wife, homemaker and professional volunteer who served in numerous organizations, including National vice president of the United Jewish Appeal, Women's Division (UJA); birth year, 1906;
[T1S1] grandparents born in Russia; parents' and grandparents' names; her birth in Russia; her immigration to United States at age six years; recollections of Russia; family members were merchants in Russia; restrictions against Jewish children in Russian schools; changing the family name from Mirkiss to Marcus; family discipline and values; discussion of the trip to the United States; arriving at Ellis Island;
[T1S2] arrival in Pittsburgh, 1913; education at Morehead School; religious atmosphere in the home; family buys a farm on Troy Hill; attending Mt. Troy School; older children's employment; recollections of life on Mt. Troy; family move to Wylie Avenue to run a grocery store; religious education at Irene Kaufmann Settlement; education, McKelvy School and Schenley High School; classmates and teachers at Schenley High; high school curriculum;
[T2S3] early cultural activities; health and medical care; courtship with future husband, Morrie Fisher; his family background; their marriage; her appreciation of American freedoms; early involvement with Junior Council and Junior Hadassah; the Fisher's wedding and honeymoon trip around the world in 1932;
[T2S4] a month's visit in Palestine; hardships there; return from Palestine; becomes president of Hadassah chapter of Pittsburgh; names of women involved with Hadassah; birth of her five children in eight years; their families, educations, and careers; balancing home life with volunteer work; family activities; children's religious education;
[T3S5] employment as a professional secretary after high school; becomes a professional social consultant later in life; husband's health; residence in Squirrel Hill; neighbors there; celebrating Jewish holidays; family vacations; husband's involvement with B'nai Israel Men's Club, United Jewish Federation and two professional fraternities; economic situation in their neighborhood; solicitor of funds for Jewish and non-Jewish organizations; discussion of involvement with the Council on Jewish Education, CARE, Hadassah, Pittsburgh Conference of Jewish Women, and United Jewish Fund;
[T3S6] discussion of beginnings of the Women's Division of Brandeis University; a life member and former vice president of the Pittsburgh Section of National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW); discussion of job as chairman of Service to the Foreign Born for the NCJW during WWII; service on the board of USO, Conference of Christians and Jews, Congress of Clubs and Club Women, Hebrew Institute, and Women's Division of the United Jewish Fund; discussion of her rise to national vice president of the United Jewish Association Women's Division; her work in this capacity; a National Joint Distribution Committee member for the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society; board member, National Women's Division of the Jewish Welfare; political involvement; comparison of her upbringing to that of her children;
[T4S7] religious observance in her home; changes in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh; personal opinions about community involvement; early influences, mentors; a list of honors including first Woman of the Year by the <i>American Jewish Outlook</i>, the Floral Salute by <i>American Jewish Outlook</i>, and honoree by Hadassah, Women's Division of Israel Bonds; travels; interviewing subjects for <i>By Myself I'm a Book</i> for NCJW.
Family life; Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America; National Council of Jewish Women; Palestine; Russia; Voluntarism
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Kruman, Estelle
Reynolds, Jacqueline
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