Fischer, Ben
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[T3S5] Respondent provides information on children, stepchildren and grandchildren; notes 2<sup>nd</sup> wife died 1979, mentions retirement after her death; remarriage to 3<sup>rd</sup> wife; names his 3 siblings: 2 deceased. Respondent details relationship with Arthur Goldberg: man of great ambition, giant ego, made mistake in running for Governor of New York against Nelson Rockefeller; notes could have become senator, discusses Kennedy involvement: not in Goldberg's best interest. Respondent lists various positions held by Arthur Goldberg: Ambassador at Large, appointment to Supreme Court and secretary of Labor; elaborates on Joseph and Robert Kennedy; Goldberg's performance on Supreme Court: dissatisfied and restless, hard work; comments on president Lyndon B. Johnson, forced Goldberg to resign from Supreme Court; discusses Goldberg's work with United Nations and situation with Vietnam; his resignation and return to law practice. Respondent mentions Goldberg's political ambitions and failures, praises Nelson Rockefeller; discusses Goldberg's death and funeral; notes presence of Lynn Williams, president, United Steel Workers of America. Respondent mentions president Richard Nixon: classmate of Respondent's 2<sup>nd</sup> wife.
[T3S6] Respondent reflects on Bayard Rustin and Civil Rights movement, not connected to Jewish community: separation between Jewish lay leadership and Black lay leadership; notes many Blacks now Muslims: antagonistic to Israel; states Jews became more affluent and disinterested in civil rights movement; mentions labor movement committed to civil rights, explains struggle: get equal opportunity into labor unions, some progress made. Respondent discusses Jewish community at present: lack of general community leadership; repeats information on retirement and beginning of new career: teaching position at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Urban and Public Affairs; discusses university politics; explains desire to establish Labor Studies Center, accomplished with help of Professor Toby Davis. Respondent comments on teaching Labor Relations to Graduate students; comments on Lynn Williams, president, United Steelworkers of America; discusses North America Free Trade Association (NAFTA), labor's reaction and what it will mean to world; notes Lynn Williams support; depends on Canadian leadership and world economic factors. Respondent comments on health care, minimum wage: low, will cause decline in standard of living.
[T4S7] Respondent reflects on labor movement in United States: will survive 21<sup>st</sup> century in different form, working people must have input; discusses philosophy of economic democracy: indivisible, extend it or lose it. Respondent explains universities assume labor unions obsolete: harmful, should re-recognize labor movement; feels government should reevaluate labor related regulations and activities; repeats concern with upper class Jewish community; notes he is agnostic; discusses anti-Semitism: felt throughout his life; describes living in Squirrel Hill: ghetto.
Carnegie-Mellon University; Goldberg, Arthur J.; Labor relations; Rockefeller, Nelson A. (Nelson Aldrich), 1908-1979; United Steelworkers of America; Williams, Lynn R.
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