Edlis, Jerome
Interview Date
November 2, 1982
Edlis, Jerome, a businessman in beauty supply, Treasurer of the General Zionists and son of state legislator, Adolf Edlis; year of birth, 1898;
[T1S1] discussion of previous interview about Adolf Edlis; <i>Adolf Edlis-A Hungarian Jew in Pittsburgh Politics</i>, a book by Ida Cohen Selavan; political involvement of ancestor in Austria; family background; father's early employment; list of siblings in birth order; birth in Hill District of Pittsburgh; father's early residences in Pittsburgh; attending Fifth Avenue High School, Moorehead School and South School; father's political career; memories of traveling around Pittsburgh with his father;
[T1S2] his father's education, civic activities and religious affiliation; father uses political influence to gain state funding for Montefiore Hospital; father was instrumental in getting Jewish immigrants naturalized and registered to vote; father's connection to M. A. Cancelliere and his political affiliation; mother's role in political life; father on City Council and in City Treasurer's Office;
[T2S3] mother's death and father's remarriage; Respondent's Jewish education; Austro-Hungarian temple; first president of Men's Club and chairman of school board there; father's appointment to city treasurer's office; first Jew in mayor's cabinet in Pittsburgh; early Jewish activity in politics; Respondent's graduation from Schenley High School; interest in writing; attends Ohio State University; enlistment in the Air Services branch of the military; military training at Carnegie Tech; achieves rank of Top Sergeant while in training; spends time in Arcadia, FL and Camp Gordon, GA; end of war;
[T2S4] return to Pittsburgh and family beauty supply business; father's trip to Europe; anecdote about father's boat trip to Europe and the "Irene Castle Bob"; father, early Zionist; visited Palestine on his trip to Europe; Respondent, treasurer of General Zionists; history and purpose of the Zionist Revisitionists; Begin becomes leader of World Zionist Organization; discussion of Bill Schiff of S and S Printing Company; birth of United Zionist Revisionists;
[T3S5] Begin's visit to Julius Halpern's home in Pittsburgh; General Zionist's opposition to Begin; Respondent makes a public statement opposing the Israeli policies of Roosevelt; president, Amen Corner, a business club; resignation as Treasurer of General Zionists because of public opposition to Roosevelt's policies; merger of Revisionists and General Zionists; more discussion of Zionists; Member, American Legion, Knights of Phythius.
Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Israel; Politics; Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945; Zionism
Birth Date
Hill District, Pittsburgh, PA
Occupation (father)
State legislator
Length (hours)
Busis, Sylvia
Meth, Jean
Reynolds, Jacqueline
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