Eaton, Joseph W.
Interview Date
May 13, 1987
Eaton, Joseph W., Professor at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Public and International Affairs; birth date, September 28, 1919;
[T1S1] parents settlers in Nuremberg, Germany; family background and anti-Semitism in Germany; parents died at Birkenau; decision for children to leave Germany; family split, some children in Israel and United States; arrival in US and life in foster homes; education, Jefferson High School,
[T1S2] Community College of New York, Cornell University; internships on farms in rural communities; learning of parents' fate in 1945; scholarship to University of Chicago; move to New York to set up a study of rural settlements; publication of thesis <i>Exploring Tomorrow's Agriculture</i>; government programs with collective farming; service with Psychological Warfare branch during WWII; completion of sociology degree at Cornell, PhD at Columbia;
[T2S3] marriage to Helen Goodman; parents of four children; early years of marriage; recreation, camping; various posts and functions at the University of Pittsburgh; involvement with School of Public Health; work with medical schools; director of program to study Medicare and Medicaid during Johnson administration;
[T2S4] University of Pittsburgh, forty studies around the world involving several universities; director, Agency for International Development; study of California Penal System results in prison reforms; 1983-84, director of a study in identification of immigrants; discussion of deportation, amnesty, illegal aliens; 1964-65 study of informal extra curricular programs impact on education; faculty member at University of Haifa, 1970-75; discussion of resources in Israel; Israeli studies in medical care; discussion of management in coeducational situations;
[T3S5] training program for women at Mt. Carmel Institute; contacts with Israel through Pitt's Graduate School in Public and International Affairs; honors and awards, including a Fulbright Scholarship to Africa; 1979 Pitt Informal Program tour to Egypt;
[T3S6] anti-Semitism in East Germany, 1980; attitudes toward Israel in other parts of the world; children's lives; some discussion on anti-Semitism; Duquesne Club;
[T4S7] views on successes and regrets in life; suggestions for improving future of Jewish community
[T4S8] Blank
Antisemitism; Education; International relations; Israel; University of Pittsburgh
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University of Pittsburgh
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Lehman, Rhea
Joseph, Florence
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