Dorian, Frederick
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Dorian, Frederick, Professor of Music at Carnegie Mellon University for thirty-nine years, adjunct faculty member, Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, editor of Pittsburgh Symphony Programs, and author of a book, <i>Commitment to Culture</i>;
[T1S1] birth in Vienna, Austria in 1902; father's background and profession; mother, Theresa Neumann, concert pianist; grandfather, tutor to Prince Labkowitz, a patron of Beethoven; great-uncle Neumann, associate of German composer, Richard Wagner and director of opera house in Prague; composer, Gustav Mahler, conductor of opera house at this time; two brothers, musicians also; family life in Vienna; personal contact with the family of Dr. Sigmund Freud; education, University of Vienna, State Academy of Music; a PhD in music at age twenty-three; early childhood memories; education in Viennese public schools;
[T1S2] No abstract for this side.
[T2S3] studies with Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Arnold Schoenberg and Edward Steuerermann; early professional career in Vienna; music critic for the Morgen Post in Berlin; Otto Klemperer, conductor Berlin Symphony at that time; Nazi beginnings in Berlin; move to Paris; impressions of Paris; family begins to leave Germany to escape Nazi oppression; obtains position as head of the music department, Carnegie Institute of Technology through the aid of conductor Eugene Ormandy; moves to Pittsburgh in 1936; reflections of early days in the United States and Pittsburgh, in particular; early residences; first sight of the Statue of Liberty;
[T2S4] Cotent incoherent.
[T3S5] recollections of Nazi Germany; many friends and relatives who were murdered by the Nazi's; brother's move to United States; discussion of interfaith marriages; recollections of friends from Vienna; recollection of people who aided his move to United States; formation of a group for the rescue of German Jewish doctors; obtaining U.S. citizenship in 1941; marriage to Sadie Pearlman in 1940; meeting George Messersmith, American Ambassador to Austria in 1935; learning the English language; recollections of courtship shared with his wife; residences after marriage;
[T3S6] discussion of interest in the arts; retirement in 1975 and post retirement activities; commute to Curtis Institute of Music once a month; travels in Europe and United States; Conductor, Carnegie Mellon Chorus and Orchestra; founder of Opera Department at CMU; local and national broadcast of CMU concerts; community service activities; music critic for <i>Pittsburgh Post Gazette</i> for two years; WPA concerts, Otto Klemperer role in this project; exposure to anti-Semitism in United States; discussion of work through the Andrew Mellon Foundation to explore the arts that results in a book <i>Commitment to Culture</i>; invitation to the White House by president Lyndon Johnson in recognition of the book; discussion of Friendship Club; views on religion; guest lecturer/director at Marlboro Music Society; reflections on career.
Austria; Education; Musicians; Music; National socialism
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