Dinman, Bertram David
Interview Date
Respondent Physician, born 1925.
[T1S1] Respondent provides family background: gives names of parents, Minnie Kaufman and Meyer Dinman, insurance agent; one sister, artist. Respondent describes early years in Philadelphia and attendance at Central High School; reflects on home life: grandparents lived with family; mentions Bar Mitzvah and describes neighborhood; comments on changes in neighborhood today and extended family, touches briefly on high school.
[T1S2] Respondent details Army life in United States and Europe: Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP), entered 1944, worked as combat engineer, helped liberate Ohrdruf concentration camp in Germany: details experiences and conditions in camp.
[T2S3] Respondent explains University programs set up by Army in England and France: faculty from various universities; set up for service people not wanting to go home, Respondent chosen to participate in England for 6 months, describes curriculum and life in university: contacts with Jewish family. Respondent continues discussion on overseas experiences: visit to Paris and continuation of university studies: able to transfer credits to United States; describes trip back home and discharge from Army, 1946. Respondent describes entering Temple University; notes school filled with returning veterans, highly motivated; applied to medical school, recounts quotas for Jews: a fact of life in 1946; accepted for class of 1947, notes value of credits received while in army through university programs in Europe, graduated, 1951. Respondent reflects on meeting wife, Gabrielle Stamm; describes courtship and marriage in father-in-laws home; recounts honeymoon, touches on graduation from medical school and internship at Albert Einstein Medical Center; details life as intern, three years, salary: $50.00 per month, describes wife's work: electro cardiology technician; happy times, gives lengthy discussion on differences between interns then and now: harder in earlier days, long hours leading to mistakes; comments on differences in salaries: Interns now receive $24,000 per year. Respondent reminisces on residency in internal medicine; practiced part time with general practitioner in North Philadelphia: blue collar neighborhood, hard work, made house calls.
[T2S4] Respondent continues discussion from previous tape: describes work with general practitioner, disturbed by what he saw; mentions small advertisement that appeared in Medical Journal for Residency in University of Cincinnati: Occupational Medicine with salary of $4100.00 per year; accepted into program as Fellow, happy with choice. Respondent reflects on program leading to Dr. of Science: Sc. D; gives lengthy description of thesis on cardiography; notes in third year of program sent to Wilmington, Delaware to work for E. I. DuPont Company: learned about various chemicals used, gives details. Respondent reflects on work at University of Michigan School of Public Health: professor, 1965-1973, provides lengthy discussion; approached by Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), served as corporate medical director, 1973-1978; served as vice president, Health and Safety, 1978-1987, details years spent with ALCOA. Respondent mentions appointment to Armed Forces Epidemiology board; sent to make investigations for the Military; mentions involvement with research, monitoring and evaluation of space capsule: helped set standards.
[T3S5] Respondent adds additional information to previous tape; discusses work with World Health Organization, traveled throughout world, gives detailed description of conditions in countries he visited: responsible for health and safety.
[T3S6] Respondent repeats information on work with ALCOA: asked to join International Law Organization as U.S. delegate, details responsibilities, traveled to many countries; notes no experiences with anti-Semitism while working for ALCOA, retired, 1987.
[T4S7] Respondent provides information on 4 children: names, education and careers; comments on Rodef Shalom Temple: admiration for Rabbi Freehof and his vitality; particularly enjoyed Bar Mitzvah services. Respondent begins discussion on decline of Montefiore Hospital: gives negative comments on Dr. Thomas Detre and his position with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), discusses situation regarding take over of Montefiore Hospital: "people responsible should have their heads examined, the last word has not been said." Respondent adds lengthy information on work of International Law Organization.
[T4S8] R reflects on University of Pittsburgh: unimpressed with administration, board of trustees useless, poor crisis managers, some members of board totally incompetent, notes Chancellor O'Connor big disappointment to University community. Respondent sheds light on appointment of Jeffrey C. Romoff as vice chancellor for Health Finances and Management at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC): a studied maneuver to keep Dr. Detre at University for straight forward reasons, details three reasons. Respondent adds extensive information on Dr. Detre: "control freak", discusses other candidates for Dr. Detre's position and their reasons for not taking position: bad situation at UPMC, gives additional negative comments on Dr. Detre; explains differences between university politics and corporate politics. Respondent reflects on problems at University of Pittsburgh: "no one manages administrators," among problems, "too large a board"; explains impact of university situation on University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health: "Dr. Detre had no vision for Public Health": explains at length. Respondent comments negatively on power held by Dr. Detre: it's effect on school's of medicine, public health and dentistry, "sad for people who have spent their entire lives there"; discusses religious beliefs and family vacations; mentions position with University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, 1987: clinical professor of Occupational Health and Environmental Health.
Aluminum Company Of America (ALCOA); Concentration camps: Ohrdurf; Dr. Thomas Detrie; Health And Safety; Hospitals; Montefiore Hospital (Pittsburgh, Pa.); University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC); International Law Organization; Physicians; Medicine: Occupational Medicine; Romoff, Jeffrey C.; University of Pittsburgh. Graduate School of Public Health; World Health Organization
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Schwartz, Marcie
Braun, Howard
Berger, Betty
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