Cohen, Fannie
Interview Date
March 1, 1983
Cohen, Fannie, a teacher, wife of Pittsburgh Symphony member Sidney Cohen and volunteer with the Gateway to Music Program;
[T1S1] family history; parents, Russian immigrants; locations of various family residences in Pittsburgh; recollections of family life; father's employment, Metropolitan Life Insurance; education, Peabody High School, University of Pittsburgh; teaching positions at Fifth Avenue church school, Gladstone School; employment in Pittsburgh Symphony office from 1934 to 1951; discussion on parents' and family health; memories of childhood recreation and friends; courtship; outings in Craig Street area;
[T1S2] marriage in 1940; famous musicians who visited their home, including Isaac Stern and Pinchas Zukerman; birth of only child, Carl; visits to East Liberty Station; Carl's education; spending summers in Chautauqua, NY; family recreation and travels; husband's position as personnel manager for Pittsburgh Symphony; his kidney illness that required dialysis; his viola; discussion of the Gateway to Music Program, a project designed to educate and entertain school children;
[T2S3] more discussion of father's employment and life at home; memories of and changes in the Hill District of Pittsburgh; social life with musicians; practice teaching at Schenley High School; comparison of children of 1934 and present; husband's life and education in New York; obtaining a job with Pittsburgh Symphony; playing with the Firestone Radio Symphony;
[T2S4] more about his illness; death of his sister, Caroline; Chautauqua and other music festivals; description of Sidney's job as personnel manager of Pittsburgh Symphony; more about his viola; the Buhl Foundation's fund for purchasing instruments for the Symphony; discussion of care of the viola; personal letters from famous conductors;
[T3S5] discussion of early history of Gateway to Music Program; funding for Gateway Program; husband's involvement with the program; personal satisfaction gained from work with Gateway Program; a list of members of the board of directors for Gateway; views on being a performer's wife, widowhood, and traveling alone; traveling to Israel; comparison of American Jews and Israelis;
[T3S6] travels to Western Europe; experience with anti-Semitism during WWII in getting housing for symphony members; rise in Jewish population at Chautauqua, NY; opinions on interfaith marriages; continues to visit Chautauqua and to travel; recollection of famous musicians including, Isaac Stern, Fritz Reiner, Roberta Peters and Jan Peerce.
Antisemitism; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Musicians; Music; Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra; Stern, Isaac, 1920-2001; Zukerman, Pinchas, 1948-
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Weis, Edris
Weisberg, Gail
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