Busis, Sidney
Interview Date
January 14, 1993
Respondent Otolaryngologist, born 1921.
[T1S1] Respondent discusses family background; paternal grandparents from Schedrin, Russia; information about Schedrin; memories of grandparents; his granddaughter named after grandmother; father's immigration story; settling in Pittsburgh., PA; how he became pharmacist, stores he owned. Respondent talks about growing up in East End; memories about childhood house family shared with mother's sister during depression. Respondent mentions his education; attending school, University of Pittsburgh. Respondent recalls father's religious beliefs, Respondent's religious education; school. Respondent talks about his wife Sylvia Amdur, her family; their courtship, marriage; gives names of 4 sons and their careers, marriages, and education.
[T1S2] Respondent mentions his grandchildren; lists sons' birth dates; describes family Shabbat dinners; involvement in Jewish community including Jewish Family and Children's Service; positions held in Jewish Federation. Respondent describes his experience at Rodef Shalom Temple, including serving as president. Respondent continues to list other organizations in which he is involved. Respondent talks about teaching, writing; discusses time management. Respondent elaborates on medical career including teaching Otolaryngology; his private practice and consulting on hearing conservation. Respondent explains his ideas about future of Israel; mentions influence of Dr. Freehof on his thinking about contributions of Jews to the world, importance of connected world wide Jewish Community; notes work on Holocaust Commission, need to be active. Respondent talks about his sister, her family, offers opinions of Health Care in Pittsburgh., discusses why he chose Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT); early medical career. Respondent details wife's schooling, their marriage, her career while he was flight surgeon; supporting him through graduate school; her family. Respondent mentions anti-Semitism and incidents he encountered during childhood; his medical residency. Respondent discusses careers of daughters-in-law, their religious observances; talks about family trip to Israel. Respondent compares his childhood to sons: college costs, values, religious involvement and sons Bar Mitzvahs.
[T2S4] Respondent discusses his greatest successes and regrets; elaborates on his medical duties. Respondent compares Pittsburgh., of today to his youth; mentions changes in government, cleanliness, culture, sports. Respondent notes how his interest in Judaism has grown; importance of retreats; wishes Rodef Shalom Temple would be more traditional.
[T3S5] Respondent comments on influence uncle had on his choice of medical career; lists medical societies to which he belongs: positions held. Respondent talks about some of his medical writings; development of hearing aids, how antibiotic have revolutionized ENT profession; notes relationship between physician and patient is deteriorating, fear of litigation influences medicine; technology has changed his work. Respondent comments on gratifications from community service and involvement in renovation of Rodef Shalom Temple; disappointment with some Jewish agencies. Respondent recalls his trip to Israel: progress he has seen there. Respondent notes difficulties in National Jewish agencies: need consolidations, discusses optimistic views on future of Jewish community; concerned about assimilation. Respondent discusses future of health care; mentions interning at Montefiore Hospital (now UPMC); discusses managed care and lack of patients' choice in choosing a physician.
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee; Council of Jewish Federations; Israel; Jewish Education Service Of North America; Jewish Family And Children’s Service; Association of Jewish Family & Children's Agencies; Physicians; Medicine; Otolaryngology; Otolaryngologists; Synagogues; Rodef Shalom Congregation (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Shchedrin (Russia)
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
East End
Occupation (father)
Length (hours)
Herzog, Bernice
Herzog, Marvin
Collateral Materials
Box 100 FF 38
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