Buncher, Jack
Interview Date
May 26, 1994
Respondent Industrialist and Philanthropist, born 10/3/11.
[T1S1] Respondent discusses grandparents, parents and siblings. Respondent comments on difficult early life in Lawrenceville, attendance at Springfield Elementary School and graduation from Schenley High School, 1929. Respondent comments on father's work: junk business, Respondent's early involvement, other jobs at young age. Mentions Max Bluestone whose father dealt in brass and copper junk, still friends today. Respondent discusses family move to 34<sup>th</sup> and Butler St., parents joined B'nai Israel Synagogue where Respondent attends. Notes preparation for Bar Mitzvah. Comments on plaque recently received for contribution to Jewish Residential Services: Leonard Staisey House in memory of Sophie and Harry Buncher; explains how he became acquainted with Staisey
[T1S2] Respondent reflects on junkyard and move to larger quarters. Discusses Leonard Staisey House and funding for Jewish Residential Services. Respondent touches on depression, graduation from high school, attendance at Duquesne U., dropped out, too difficult to work all day, then school at night; Mother's influence on Respondent. Mentions family move to Morningside and joining B'nai Israel Synagogue, discusses father's work. Offers additional information on family: daughter Bunny, from 1<sup>st</sup> marriage, son Steven from 2<sup>nd</sup> marriage. Respondent reflects on great flood of 1936, its affect on business.
[T2S3] Respondent describes request during WWII of J and L Steel Co. to help locate much needed material, comments on travels throughout country with J and L Steel Co. engineer. Respondent describes commission to South America for steel industry interested in supplying war effort scrap; details interesting story about South American Jewish couple, explains desire to help South American Jewish communities; spoke with Howard Rieger, UJF (United Jewish Federation) and set up Buncher Leadership Foundation, 1988.
[T2S4] Respondent notes Buncher Leadership Foundation in Israel: recipients come to study then return to their own countries; touches on visits to Israel before it became a State. Respondent discusses development of Buncher Industrial Park, Leetsdale, PA. Respondent provides information on shipping industry: his involvement shipping critical Materials and equipment to help establish State of Israel: explains difficulties. Traveled to Palestine with Bartley Crum, U.S. Representative, to see if U.S. should recognize Palestine as a state: discusses experience in Knesset.
[T3S5] Respondent discusses meeting with Shanghai delegation in Pittsburgh. and describes friend in Chinese Embassy who helped China recognize Israel. Respondent details interest in establishing industrial parks: approached Governor Leader; gives brief details on how it came about; reads letter from Ambridge Chamber of Commerce: testimonial dinner in his honor. Respondent notes how his railcar business was started; shows many awards and letters received.
Buncher Industrial Park (Leetsdale, Pa.); Buncher Leadership Foundation; Business; Industries; Israel; Jewish Residential Services (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Philanthropists; Charities; Leonard Staisey House (Pittsburgh, Pa.); World War, 1939-1945
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Business leader
The Buncher Company
Occupation (father)
Junk business
Length (hours)
Stolzer, Shirley
Rubinstein, Judy
Berger, Betty
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