Borkon, Louis Yale
Interview Date
Provides biographical details. Respondent mentions family's forced relocation and father's jobs. Respondent's religious and secular school attendance is indicated. Respondent discusses synagogue. Jews' professions and trade-based synagogues in Europe are mentioned. Respondent recounts hiding and being stabbed during pogrom in 1905. Family's move to and seclusion in a veterans' enclave near Riga is explained. Accommodations and conveyances en route to U.S. are described. Respondent's arrival in, and the religious items brought to, U.S. are mentioned. Initial feeling of freedom and lack of fear of police in U.S. is expressed. Respondent relates coming to Pittsburgh to establish and manage the <i>Jewish World</i>. Finances and logistics of the daily paper are outlined. Respondent discusses becoming owner of the <i>Volksfreund</i> and changing name to the <i>Jewish Leader</i>. First residence and office in Pittsburgh are indicated. Respondent's child labor as clerk is discussed. First piece as a reporter is related; hours and wages as clerk are detailed. Membership in Jewish writer's union and playwriting in New York at People's Theater are noted. Respondent's lifestyle as playwright is described.
[T1S2] Titles of Respondent's Pittsburgh newspaper are enumerated. Respondent indicates religious observance and notes his presidency of Chofetz Chaim. Activities and leadership of the Zionist Institute are described; the Zionist movement's fission and Chaim Weizmann's visit to Pittsburgh in 1921 are discussed. Louis Brandeis' opposition is specified. Respondent states the size of the Zionist organization, the leaders of Poale Zion and the groups that frequented the Zionist Institute. Respondent provides citizenship information and explains running for public office. Marriage information is provided; children's secular and Jewish educations are discussed.
Jewish newspapers; <i>Jewish leader (Pittsburgh, Pa.)</i>; Journalists; Journalism; Labor Zionist Organization of America - Poale Zion; Pogroms; Theater, Yiddish; Weizmann, Chaim, 1874-1952--Travels--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh
Birth Date
Ploch; Ekaterinaslav
Russian Poland; Belarus
Newspaper reporter and editor, Playwright
Philadelphia, PA; Hill District, Centre Ave.
Occupation (father)
Windowframe maker, cabinetmaker
Length (hours)
Selevan, Ida
Collateral Materials
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