Bluestone, Max
Interview Date
June 5, 1995
Respondent owner of Bluestone Metal Company
[T1S1] Respondent active member of Jewish community organizations; talks about childhood in Hill District; Irene Kaufmann Center (IKC); parents; father's jobs; parents emigration from Russia; early life in U.S.; father's scrap metal business. Respondent lists name of siblings; parents siblings. Respondent describes childhood Jewish Orthodox life; father's scrap metal company Bluestone Metal Company; Great depression; other companies father owned; memories of grandparents; celebrating holidays; his religious education; schooling; childhood activities; how Great depression effected students education; jobs while in school; Bar Mitzvah; what Pittsburgh was like during childhood; recreational activities; memories of Great depression; importance, activities at IKC; acting in school plays; other houses parents lived in. Respondent details father's scrap metal business; working in company when father was ill; taking over business; becoming president of National Waste Materials‑Metal Dealer's Division; work he did for organization; how scrap company grew while he worked there.
[T1S2] Respondent talks about courtship, marriage to Charlotte, 1942, while Respondent in service; Charlotte's family, background, education, jobs; their early married life; children's births; residences; family life while children young; social life; Jewish life; son's Bar Mitzvah's. Respondent describes Stuart, Burton, Joan's college education, careers, marriages, children. Respondent talks about community involvements: duties as board member of IKC, Renaissance Program. Respondent details purpose, results of Buncher Leadership Program which sends people to Israel to learn more about their Jewishness; Respondent's duties as consultant for this program.
[T2S3] Respondent continues talking about Program, his trip to Odessa, how program started, people involved, his duties. Respondent talks about his greatest accomplishments. Respondent describes Jewish community in Pittsburgh; how it has changed; growing contributions of women in Jewish community.
Bluestone Metal Company; Buncher, Jack; Buncher Leadership Foundation; Business; Industries; Economic Depression; Hill District (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Irene Kaufmann Settlement (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Israel; National Waste Materials.; Odesa (Ukraine)
Pittsburgh, PA
Bluestone Metal Company
Hill District; Shadyside
Length (hours)
Leyton, Hope
Adelson, Ruth
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