Bloom, Evelyn G.
Interview Date
February 19, 1998
Respondent Chemist, Zionist and volunteer; born 9/20/23.
[T1S1] Respondent gives background of maternal grandparents: arrived U.S., late 1800's, Russia. Respondent born in McKeesport, PA, moved to Oakland, attended Holmes School, Schenley High School, PA College for Women (now Chatham), degree in Chemistry. Gives names and careers of 4 children, grandchildren, 2 married children in Israel, 2 children in Pittsburgh., (1 not married). Respondent provides detailed information on each child: schools and Universities attended, present positions. Respondent elaborates on son Dov and wife on 1<sup>st</sup> civilian bus in Israel fire-bombed by Intafada: 1988. Gives lengthy description of their severe burns and treatment.
[T1S2] Respondent gives name of deceased sister. Comments on 2 celebrations held in Israel: 1 grandchild married, 1 grandchild Bar Mitzvah; entire family attended, gives detailed description of both events. Respondent describes meeting husband, Albert W. Bloom, their marriage: 1946. Respondent comments on close friend of family: Loretta Bern; wrote book about them, "Squirrels for Our Children." Husband graduated Duquesne University: Journalism; invited to join Century Club, explains circumstances. Respondent active at Hillel Academy; gives names of other organizations and her activities, member of Young Peoples Synagogue; also B'nai Emunah. Respondent reflects on children's Aliyah to Israel, political and social conditions there; feels children are safe.
[T2S3] Respondent provides names of husband's grandparents; from Korland (between Russia and Germany); Orthodox. Respondent discusses her work at Bureau of Mines; when husband was in Washington, DC, Respondent worked for Bureau of Standards. Respondent describes work on spectrometers. Gives names of schools husband attended; military service 5 years. Respondent discusses husbands position: <i>Pittsburgh. Post Gazette</i>; notes UJF (United Jewish Federation) wanted 1 large community newspaper rather than 2 small ones (<i>Jewish Outlook</i> and <i>Jewish Criterion</i>); both had small circulations and duplication of subscriptions. Purpose of <i>Jewish Chronicle</i>: provide free subscriptions to those donating $15.00 to UJF; gave up the idea, made regular subscription price. Respondent gives additional information on husband's acceptance as editor of <i>Chronicle</i>, notes it is non-profit and board taken from UJF and members of general community. Respondent's husband interested in making Aliyah to Israel after retirement, 1984, purchased apartment in Jerusalem, suffered stroke, 1986, died 1990. Respondent adds names of other organizations: her positions.
[T2S4] Blank tape.
[T3S5] Respondent gives complete description of her work at Bureau of Mines during WWII, now owned by University of Pittsburgh., main work on synthetic liquid fuels. Respondent comments on work at Bureau of Standards in Washington, DC, discusses atoms and molecules and methodology. Respondent mastered organic and inorganic and physical Chemistry, gives description of what spectrometer does. Respondent wrote special paper: Bureau of Standards, presented at American Chemical Society. Respondent reflects on greatest lesson learned at Bureau of Standards and Bureau of Mines: follow directions. Respondent enjoys working outdoors and at Hillel Academy.
United States. Bureau of Mines; United States. Bureau of Standards; Chemistry; Hillel Academy (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Bombings--Israel; Intifada, 1987-; Israel; Jewish newspapers; <i>Jewish chronicle (Pittsburgh, Pa.)</i>; Zionism
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Bureau of Mines
Length (hours)
Herzog, Bernice
Herzog, Marvin
Berger, Betty
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