Binstock, Dorothy
Interview Date
September 4, 1987
Binstock, Dorothy, a wife and mother whose life of volunteerism led her to the office of International president of B'nai B'rith Women (BBW);
[T1S1] family history; Binstock ancestors from Austria-Hungary; family in jewelry business until 1982; list of her siblings; parents, Bertha and Abraham Binstock; husband, Isadore Binstock, attorney; first job, Social Worker, University of Pittsburgh; first community service, BBW; rise to international president; travels for BBW; discussion on work of BBW; board member, first board, <i>Jewish Chronicle</i>;
[T1S2] education, Miller School, Fifth Avenue High School, Peabody High School, University of Pittsburgh, Masters Degree in Social Work; short career as social worker before volunteering; recreational activities; trouble-shooter for BBW and executive board member of Anti- Defamation League (ADL) at time of interview; recollections of Pittsburgh; religious atmosphere in parents' home; daughter's education and volunteerism; more on travels for BBW;
[T2S3] a founder of Women in Urban Crisis in Pittsburgh; initiator of Catholic/Jewish Workshops; organizer, "Conversations of the Middle East"; BBW's support for Equal Rights Amendment; member, Women's Advisory Council of Organization of Economic Opportunities (OEO) under Nixon administration; trip to Blackfeet Indian Reservation with OEO; National president of Operation Stork through March of Dimes; BBW's involvement with United Nations Decade on Women; discussion of B'nai B'rith (BB) Children's Home; discussion of BB at Veterans Hospital; national vice-president of ADL at time of interview; a list of honors; Dorothy Binstock Day, February 1, 1982; involvement with Soviet Jewry; member, Pittsburgh History on Human Relations; brief discussion on personal life; lists names and comments on world figures she has known; family vacations; other interests; continuation of list of world figures; various members of Binstock family and their religious and civic involvements.
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B'nai B'rith; Judaism--Relations--Christianity; Pittsburgh; Jews, Soviet
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