Binstock, Doris D.
Interview Date
October 20, 1998
Respondent Professional volunteer, born 11/2/25.
[T1S1] Respondent provides background information on parents: father, Joseph Deaktor, mother Lena Ortinberg, both from Russia, emigrated to U.S. 1920, came to Pittsburgh. Respondent comments on father's business: Star Markets, very successful, 24 stores. Respondent notes parents witnesses to pogroms in Russia, their bad memories of same. Respondent describes early childhood in East Liberty, attended Rogers Elementary School, then Peabody High School, gives name of brother. Respondent comments on religious practices in parents home, involvement with B'nai Israel Synagogue, Jewish education and confirmation. Respondent recalls bombing of Pearl Harbor, brother deferred from service, recalls social life at U. of Pittsburgh., various honors received and marriage to Mervin Binstock, 9/3/44. Respondent mentions graduation from University of Pittsburgh. 1945; degree in Sociology; husband University of Pittsburgh. 1945, Dental School. Respondent reflects on life in Washington, DC, husband sent to Walter Reed Hospital, 1946-1947.
[T1S2] Respondent provides additional information on life in Washington, DC, husband's specialty: pediatric dentistry and return to Pittsburgh.: 1948. Respondent gives names of 3 children, birth dates, education, careers; their marriages and grandchildren. Respondent reflects on first work as volunteer; Hadassah, and continuation as professional volunteer, lists projects initiated at B'nai Israel Synagogue and various chairmanships held in many organizations. Respondent describes experiences and friendships acquired through organizational work. Respondent comments on family and their support while volunteering. Respondent discusses changes in East Liberty; no changes on N. Highland Ave., never experienced anti-Semitism.
[T2S3] Respondent repeats list of organizations where she is active, also docent at Phipps Conservatory and Biblical Gardens of Rodef Shalom Temple. Respondent offers views on Israel, comments on ideology of various religious groups, experiences encountered and importance of helping Israel; what it means to Respondent. Respondent notes changes in volunteer work; more women employed, little time for volunteering and reminisces on meeting various dignitaries from Israel. Respondent expresses views on political situation in Pittsburgh and work of Mayor David Lawrence, notes Pittsburgh friendly city but young people leaving. Respondent feels Reform movement becoming more Conservative; notes importance of Jewish education for young people and rather than stopping education at age 13, should be starting it. Respondent lists accomplishments including start of first Bat Mitzvah class for adults at B'nai Israel Synagogue.
[T2S4] Respondent repeats information from previous tapes, comments on importance of Jewish Community in Pittsburgh.; doing less volunteering and spending more time with husband, and grandchildren.
Zionism--United States; Hadassah, the Women's Zionist Organization of America; Israel; Bonds--Israel; Conference of Jewish Women's Organizations (Pittsburgh, Pa.); Star Markets; Synagogues; Congregation B'nai Israel (Pittsburgh, Pa.); United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh
Birth Date
Occupation (father)
Grocer (Star Markets)
Length (hours)
Braun, Howard
Rubinstein, Judy
Berger, Betty
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