Baskin, Phillip
Interview Date
April 29, 1985
Baskin, Phillip, a lawyer who served as Assistant Solicitor and Special Counsel for Allegheny County;
[T1S1] family history, Russian descent; born in Meadowlands, PA, 1921; early life in New York's East side; father's death and hardships for family; consequent removal of two boys to B'nai B'rith Orphanage for six years; orphanage years and their effect; early schooling in Washington and Erie, PA; graduation cum laude from University of Pittsburgh with degree in history and political science; enrollment in Air Force; career in Air Force, rank of Captain;
[T1S2] employment as reporter after the war; graduated Harvard Law School; marriage, children and family; affiliation with Temple Sinai; law partnership with brother in 1954; later partnership of Baskin and Sears; separation from Sears because of South African situation; location and size of practice;
[T2S3] activities as Assistant Solicitor and Special Counsel for Allegheny County Law Department; involved with county wide Smoke Control; litigant for County Health Department, Regional Park System; involvement with redevelopment plans, a "Renaissance" for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County; views on Sky Bus, subway; brother's involvement with federally subsidized housing; comments on Kane Hospital; Greater Pittsburgh Airport, comments and involvement; years on City Council, 1960 to 1969; future of YMHA; Jewish Relations Council; American Jewish Committee;
[T2S4] No abstract for this side.
[T3S5] comments about political figures Henry "Scoop" Jackson, John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Dave Lawrence, Walter Mondale, and Ronald Reagan; activities with Temple Sinai, Israel Bonds, United Jewish Federation, Histradut; comments on meeting David Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and Moshe Dyan; views on contemporary Israel; visit to Russia;
[T3S6] roots of strength; children; views on society today; contemporary Jewish community; contrast of present-day Pittsburgh and the past; future of the city; early supporter of Blacks and women in law; comments on partner's involvement in South Africa;
[T4S7] recollections of New York's lower East Side; life in Washington, PA; importance of holidays and family ties.
Ben-Gurion, David, 1886-1973 ; Pittsburgh (Pa.). City Council; Kennedy, John F.; Lawrence, David Leo, 1889-1966; Lawyers; Law; Meir, Golda, 1898-1978; Politics; Synagogues
Birth Date
Meadowlands, Washington County, PA
Sachs and Caplan
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Lehman, Rhea
Joseph, Florence
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