Balter, Beatrice S. (Bobbi)
Interview Date
December 10, 1974
Balter, Bobbi, a wife and homemaker who served with the Pittsburgh Section of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), the Parent Teachers Association, Hadassah Hospital, and Home for Aged; born in 1898;
[T1S1] family history; social life in parents' home in Chicago including evenings with Caruso and Booker T. Washington; education, University School for Girls, Sterrett School for Girls, University of California at Berkeley; friendship with opera singer, Rosa Raisa; courtship and marriage; comparison of Chicago with Pittsburgh; early married life; introduction to NCJW; offices and affiliations, recording secretary, vice president, NCJW, president, Sisterhood of Rodef Shalom, Parents Teachers Association, Hospital Aid Society, Hadassah Hospital, Home for Aged, board member, Allegheny County Federation of Women's Clubs; description of husband, Morris Balter; his interest in anti-Semitism; son's education; mother's (Mrs. Goldie Stone) civic offices and activities, National Founder, NCJW, Jewish Social Service, founder of Jewish People's Institute, founder of Orthodox Jewish Home for Aged, Jewish Orphanage, organizer of what is now Mt. Sinai Hospital in Chicago, Musical Art Council of Chicago; Mrs. Stone's books, <i>My Caravan of Years</i> and <i>Crosses and Jewels</i>; husband's business, Morris Paper Company; education, Central High and University of Pittsburgh; tribute to Morris Balter as a Jew; his religious and business affiliations: national Office of Price Administration, founder, Tested Papers of America, president of Jewish Family Service, treasurer and vice president of Rodef Shalom, National board of American Hebrew College; travels in Africa, Japan, Russia for Jewish World Union.
Anti-Semitism; Caruso, Enrico, 1873-1921; Social service; Jews--Pennsylvania--Pittsburgh; National Council of Jewish Women; Raisa, Rosa, 1893-1963; Synagogues; Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915
Birth Date
Chicago, IL
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Kabet, Marion
Abram, Shirley
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