Arnold, Charlotte
Interview Date
December 1, 1989
Arnold, Charlotte, serves as Pittsburgh Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders (PPWGO), served as executive director of The Program for Female Offenders, Inc. and has received numerous awards for her work;
[T1S1] family background; parents, Russian immigrants; siblings and their lives; first marriage; founding president, Women in Urban Crisis (WIUC); divorce, 1970; "Call for Action" program at KDKA radio; birth of children; becomes active in B'nai B'rith Women and Parent Teachers Association; chairperson, first conference of WIUC in Pittsburgh; job as Pittsburgh Coordinator for PPWGO 1971-74; move to Harrisburg, PA and starting a second agency there with support of NAACP and NOW; growth of Pittsburgh program; executive director, The Program for Female Offenders, Inc.; delegate to National Conference on Criminal Justice; first chairperson, Pennsylvania Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Committee; president, board of trustees, Western Youth Development Center; board member, Better Business Bureau; board of directors, Urban League; list of awards including Hand in Hand, the Martin Luther King Award, YWCA Leadership Award, and Carlow College president's Award; more discussion on PPWGO;
[T1S2] setting up a hostel for female offenders with the director General of Rehabilitation from Israel; PPWGO is given program control over County Correctional Facility for females; also manages facilities in Philadelphia and Allentown, PA; early years in Middletown, NY; education, Middletown Schools, SUNY in Albany, NY; religious affiliation; social life in Middletown; activities at SUNY; incidences with anti-Semitism; more on father's personal history and experiences with anti-Semitism in Russia, Germany and United States; meeting second husband, John Arnold;
[T2S3] more discussion of father; grandparents' names engraved at Ellis Island Wall of Honor; more discussion of first marriage and children; recollections of Middletown, NY; people who influenced her as youth; various residences; member, Tree of Life Synagogue; political affiliations; effects of depression; economic struggles; relationship with mother; relationships with colleagues; social life; list of significant accomplishments; changes in Pittsburgh; regrets in life; joys in life.
[T2S4] No abstract for this side.
Social service; Criminal justice, Administration of; Middletown (N.Y.); Program for Female Offenders, Inc.; Radio; KDKA (Radio station : Pittsburgh, Pa.)
Women in Urban Crisis; Program for Female Offenders
Harrisburgh, PA
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Menlowe, Mildred
Winer, Ruth
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