Apt, Joan Frank
Interview Date
August 22, 1991
Apt, Joan, a founder of the Pittsburgh Public Theater; born, 1926.
[T1S1] Respondent's motivation to found Pittsburgh Public Theater is indicated. Theater's location and size are reported. Respondent's role with Theater funding and direction are noted. Parents and siblings are named. Book on Frank family history is specified. Benefits of being a "middle child" are related. Respondent's education is reported. Anti-Semitism Respondent experienced is reported. Courtship and marriage are noted. Respondent's role in campaign to move the Pittsburgh Symphony downtown is mentioned; principal theaters in Pittsburgh are characterized. Respondent's attitude toward attaining goals is expressed. John Heinz's influence on Pittsburgh's cultural life is related. Early interest in science and rockets of son, an astronaut, is discussed.
[T1S2] Son's education is enumerated. Respondent's and son's feelings at take-off of space shuttle are expressed. Daughter's family is enumerated. Husband's, father's, grandfather's and great-grandfather's occupations are noted. Grandparents' family members are specified. Mother's community interest is expressed. Daughter's efficacy as parent is mentioned. Son's guests to shuttle launch are enumerated. Respondent's memberships on boards and committees are specified. Children's tendencies in elementary school are contrasted. Influences in the design of Respondent's house are discussed.
Apt, Jerome; Astronauts; Pittsburgh Public Theater; Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Birth Date
Pittsburgh, PA
Length (hours)
Balter, James
Simon, Jean
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