Plate 32
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Atlas of the vicinity of the cities Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Penna. : from official records, private plans and actual surveys.
47 x 70 cm
Blackhawk st, Hutchinson ave, Lancaster st, La Clair st, Park ave, Nevada st, Commercial st, Pitt st, Aurora st, Overton ave, Homestead st, Saline ave, Whipple st, Homewood ave, Henrietta st, Biddle st, Braddock st, Union st, Meadow st, Douglass ave, Shady ave, Murray ave, Forward ave, Graphic st, Nixon st, Flowers ave, Green st, Edington st, Forbes ave, Second ave, Palermo st, Swissvale, Richmond ave, Charles ave, Fralich st, Emiry st, Melanchton st, Woodlawn st, Festina st, Notley st, Ross ave, Greenfield ave, Capet st, Indus st, Adams st, Harlem st, Frank st, Smith st, Mobile st, Irvine st, Winders st, Bridge st, Squirrel Hill rd, Loretto st, Johnston ave, Lytle st, Bayard st, Neville st, St Pierre st, Manning st, Marbury st, Forbes st, Florida, Filmore st, Winthrop st, Henry st, Fifth ave, Laughlin st, Lafayette st, Croghan st, Kansas st, Allegheny st, Renova st, Vespucius st, American st, Courtland st, Elizabeth st, Tecumseh st, Hazelwood ave, Lowry st, Rutherglen st, Blair st, Halket st, Wilkins ave, Beeler st, Romeo st, Juliet st, Juno st, Sylvan ave, Frazier st, Cato st, Wilmot st, Semple st, Craft ave, Bouquet st, Meyran st, Joncaire st, Hodge st, Carolina st, Niagara st, Rock st, Lawn st, Zulema st, Pier st, Louisa st, Hamlet st, Murphy st, Bates st, Wightman st, Ward st
Land, Water, Other
Tunnel, East End Bridge Co, Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh, Washington and Baltimore Railroad, Nine Mile Run, Four Mile Run, Pittsburgh Junction Railroad, Pittsburgh, Wheeling & Baltimore (Baltimore & Ohio) Railroad, Monongahela River
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Plate 32


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