Plate 29
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Atlas of the vicinity of the cities Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Penna. : from official records, private plans and actual surveys.
47 x 70 cm
Allegheny City
Pitt al, Chestnut st, River ave, Wylie ave, Lincoln ave, South st, Middle st, Benton ave, Verner rd, Sycamore st, Gass ave, Cherry st, Walnut st, S Canal st, Hope st, Morgan st, Gray al, Wallace st, Jacks Run rd, Market st, Cowley st, Wilson st, Central ave, Strawberry ave, Dickson st, Hartman st, Davis ave, Humboldt st, Robinson st, Eckert st, Oakwood ave, Shady ave, Woods Run ave, Bluff st, Middle al, McClure ave, Woodland ave, Bridge st, Anderson st, Sandusky st, Boyle st, Itin st, Vista st, Steep st, Esplanade st, Hemlock st, Third st, Eggers st, Lautner st, Ravine st, Ley st, Gang ave, Branch st, 2nd al, Locust st, Church st, N Canal st, Stockton ave, Park way, Madison ave, Washington st, Liberty st, Poplar st, Cedar ave, Short st, Pike st, Perry st, Green st, James st, Union ave, First st, Second st, Avery st, Carrol st, Brown al, Wickline Line Hill, E Ohio st, Albert st, Spring Hill rd, Fleming st, Knoll st, Reseca st, O'Hara st, W Jefferson st, Lithgow st, Perryville Plank rd, Plank rd, North al, W Diamond st, McKee st, Western st, Longfelt st, Grizella ave, Linder ave, Wylie st, East ave, Back ln, Beach st, Straub's ln, Ferry st, Cigar st, Leckey's, Ashton ave, Voeghtly st, Goodrich st, Grantham st, 1st al, 3rd al, West View ave, North End ave, Arch st, Charles st, Snyder st, East End ave, Sheridan st, Virginia st, Eastern ave, Daisy ave, Gibson ave, Milroy ave, Vine st, Clyde st, Perrysville Plank rd, Broadway, Wabash ave, Hall st, South End ave, Summer st, Kilbuck st, Ann, Cliff st, Dorlans al, Lincoln st, O'Hern st, North st, Somerset st, Forest st, Ridge st, Hopkins st, Ward, Magnolia, Stanton st, Montana ave, Rhine ave, Sweeney st, Bidwell st, Chartiers st, Morrison ave, Sigel st, Margaret st, Colfax st, Allegheny ave, Kirkpatrick ave, Mason st, Fremont st, Frazier st, Fulton st, Manhattan st, Rebecca ave, Belmont st, Hill st, Jackson st, Walker st, Harrison st, Troy Hill rd, Grant ave, Taggart st, Centre st, Rolla st, Garrison st, Brady st, McClintock ave, Mulberry st, Ridgewood ave, Clifton ave, Gallagher st, Mary st, Union st, Henry st, New Brighton rd, Norman st, Hanover st, Evans al, Superior st, Ann st, Said st, Preble ave, Ohio ave, Nixon st, Refuge st, Adams st, Wilkins st, Benton st, Spruce st, Brunot st, Allequippa st, Water st, Jerome st, Kerr st, Sheffield st, South ave, Brown st, Windsor st, Central st, West Ohio st, Page st, Bayard st, Hamlin st, Braddock st, Stewart st, Pennsylvania ave, Sedgwick st, Juniata st, Washington ave, Beaver ave, Laurel al, Fayette st, East st, Bell ave, Overhill st, Main st, Spring st, Stack al, Fairmount st, Water al, Fountain st, Tell st, Howard st, Quarry st, Henderson st, Warren st, Ella st, Willis st, Franklin st, High st, Basin st, Lowry st, Clark st, Hamilton st, Downing st, Gardner st, Hazel st, Spring Garden ave, Summit st, Olive st, Point st, Pine st, Tremont al, Buchanan st, Villa st, Herman st, Angle st, Prospect st, Marshall st, Morris st, Isabella st, Corry st, Lacock st, Marion ave, Martin st, Federal st, Bank st, Sherman ave, Park st, Sturgeon st, Irwin ave, North ave, Daisy al, Bouquet st, Pine al, School st, Jefferson st, Lombard st, Elm st, Maple ave, Palo Alto st, Monterey st, Taylor ave, Darrah st, Ackley st, Front st, Federal ln, Observatory ave, Division st, Buena Vista st, Diamond st, Montgomery ave, S Diamond st, Ledlie st
Land, Water, Other
Wickline Line Hill, St. Mary's Cemetery, Uniondale Cemetery, New Bellevue Cemetery, Brunot's Island, Woods Run, Catholic Cemetery, Pittsburgh and Cleveland Railroad, Railroad Bridge, Ninth st Bridge, Seventh st Bridge, Suspension Bridge, Butcher's Run, McKees Rock, Back River, Un
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Plate 29


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