Plate 24
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Atlas of the vicinity of the cities Pittsburgh and Allegheny, Penna. : from official records, private plans and actual surveys.
47 x 70 cm
Mansfield, Scott, Chartiers
7th st, Front st, Hickory al, Modern ave, Gum st, Hemlock al, Sycamore st, Elm st, Vine st, Short st, Thomas st, 6th st, Locust st, 5th st, 4th st, 3rd st, 2nd st, 1st st, West st, East st, Washington st, Jefferson st, Branch st, Point al, Middle al, Handy st, Rail Road ave, Run st, North al, 6th ave, 7th ave, 8th ave, 9th ave, Church st, Fifth ave, Point st, High al, Diamond al, Pine al, Washington ave, O'Keefe ave, Boroughview st, Hill st, 1st ave, Kismet st, Bedford ave, Spikenard st, Bluff st, Gregg st, Ash st, Glenn ave, Coal al, Centre st, Magazine ave, 4th ave, 3rd ave, 2nd ave, Locust st, Peach al, Bank st, Vine ave, Dean ave, Orchard al, Franklin ave, Plum st, Academy st, William st, Main st, Jane st, James st, Washington ave, Charles ave, Ridge ave, Center st, Dow ave, Locust al, Pine st, Hays st, Lindsey ave, Mary ave, Spruce st, Broadway, Robert ave, Walnut st, Chestnut st, Bell ave, Water st, Bouquet ave, Centre st, Congress al, Centre ave, Alice st, Cherry al, Wilcox st, Ford st, Grant ave, Keib st, Suder ave, Nelson ave, Short al, 5th ave, High st, Cubbage st, Reamer ave, Boundary st, Dick st, Chartiers st, Marshall ave, Fourth ave, Third ave, Second ave, First ave, Lincoln ave, Lydia st, Union al, Cherry al, Howard ave
Land, Water, Other
Tunnel, Chartiers Valley Railroad, Whiskey Run, Pittsburgh Chartiers & Youghiogheny Railroad, Borough Line, Reservoir, Borough Line, Borough Line, Campbells Run, Pittsburgh Cincinnati & St. Louis Railroad, Chartiers Creek, Borough Line,
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Plate 24


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