Plate 76
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Real estate plat-book of the city of Pittsburgh : from official records, private plans and actual surveys.
45 x 67 cm
Sidney st, Vine al, Spring st, Barry st, Holt st, Wright al, 28th st, 29th st, 30th st, Grape st, 32nd st, Anna st, 33rd st, 31st st, Locust st, Wood st, Elizabeth st, Church st, Ross ave, Station st, Chestnut st , Blair st, Lytles st, Dikes st, Second ave, Sylvan st, Grape st, Blair st, Virginia st, Linden, Joneaire st, George st, William st, Linden st, Fourth, Works rd, Forward ave, Laughlin st, Douglas ave, Nixon st, Peebles st, East end, Hazelwood ave, Dallas, Mission st, Tuscarora st, Jumata st, Reynolds st, Edgerton ave, Marion, Jane st, Carson st, Fifth ave, Murdock st, Forbes st, Joncaire st, Edgarton ave, Lincoln st, Park ave, 12th st, 21st (Railroad) st, Mary st, Edwards al, Josephine st, 20th (John) st, 19th (Joseph st), 18th (Meadow) st, Neville st, Liberty st, 17th (Harmony) st, 16th st, 15th st, Washington st, 13th st, Larkin st, Sarah st, Bayard st, Denny st, Darrah st, St Pierre st, 27th (McChurg) st, Atwood st, Halket st, Emilia st, Semple st, Wilmot st, River st, 14th st, 26th (Brown) st, Squirrel Hill rd, Greenfield ave, Mary st, Neville st, Catharine st, Garrison st, Chadwick ave, McChirg st, Patterson ave, Hill st, John st, James st, Harcums al, Zuleman st, Jane al, 25th (Oliver) st, 24th (Caroline) st, 23rd (Phillips) st, 22nd (Shade) st, Fox al, Water st, Clifton st, Merriman al, Wharton st, Carson st, Cary st, Sarah st, Frank st, Delmont st, Cato st, Granville, Lookout st, Side way, Terrace st, Frazier st, Bates st, Homer st, Joliet st, Ward st, Audley st, Juno st, Emma, Crafts ave, Charles st, Niagara st, Hamlet st, Colwell st, Fifth ave, Read st, Miller st , Roberts st , Overhill st, Bouquet st, Canton st, Boundary st, Bouquet st, Charlotte st, Van Buren st, Mittenberger st, Gist st, Ann st, Jumoav st, Tuston st, Short, Forbes st, Burrows st, Brady st, Murphy st, Robinson st, Bellen st, Boston st, Mohawk ln, Miami st, Allequippa ave, Gazzam st, Antionette st, Seneca st, Ridge st, Benton st, Lawrence st, Soho, Wyandotte ave, Wadsworth st, Wallace, Berthoud st, Church st, Pius st, Kirkpatrick st, Gregory st, Turnbull st, Erie st, Summit st, St Pauls st, Brownsville rd, Quarry st , Barkhammer st, Second ave, Katharine st, Centre ave, Spring way, Rich st, High st, Devillias st, Davis st, Erin st, Robinson st, William st, Edward st, Willow st, Porter st , Perry st, Drillwiddle st, Thunder st, Fisk, Grove st, Ward st, Lytle st, Shaffer st, Addison st, Somers st, Chauncey st, Wylie, John st, Linden st, Hill st, Ross st
Land, Water, Other
Nine Mile Run, German Cemetery, Dam, Yellow Run, Four Mile Run, Monongahela River, Stone Quarries, Monongahela River
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Plate 76


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