Plate 72
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Real estate plat-book of the city of Pittsburgh : from official records, private plans and actual surveys.
45 x 67 cm
Brererton st, Grape st, Brererton ave, Borough or 41st st, Morgan, Payne ave, Webster st, Broadway, Bedford st, Hay st, Spring st, Joseph st, Orphan ave, Chestnut or 42nd st, Lincoln ave, Celadine ave, Lawn st, Park st, Nelson st, Lemington st, Short al, Hazlet st, Brushton ave, Fifth ave, Bellefone or 44th st, St Mary or 45th st, Church or 46th st, Shoenberger or 47th st, Mill or 48th st, Fairville st, McCandless ave, Pine st, 43rd or Ewalt st, 1st st, Columbine st, Keystone ave, Duncan ave, Camelia ave, Ursina, Janey st, Martha st, Selly ave, Allegheny, Margetta st, Franklin st, Riverview ave, Rachel st, River ave, East st, Black st, Hoeveller st, Hampton st, Stewart st, 55th st, Hays st, 54th st, Ross st, Rural st, Station st, Larimer ave, Broad st, Kirkwood st, Farragut st, Sheridan st, Bayard st, Stanton st, Lyon st, Hay st, Brererton ave, Bedford st, Webster st, Francis st, Morgan, Allequippa st, Shawnee st, Clay st, 56th st, Herron st, Wayne st, Chislett st, Morningside ave, Baker st, Maria st , Scott st, Bishop st, George st, 52nd st, 53rd st, Anderson st, Neville st, Collins ave, Finley st, Putnam st, Hiberton st, Wallingford st, Ripley st, Elmer st, Walnut st, Westminster pl, Shady ln, Arabella st, Spahr st, Barton st, Pitcairn st, College ave, Meadow st, Upland st, Hermitage st, Idlewild st, Frankstown ave, Grazier st, Harrison st, Marietta st, Negley st, St Clair st, Euclid st, Beatty st, Hiland ave, Matilda st, Fitch st, Cross st, Evaline st, Denniston ave, Rebecca st, Homewood ave, Coral st, Amber st, Friendship ave, Villa st, Harriet st, Liberty ave, Cypress st, Baum st, Smith st, Conrad st, Irwin st, 30th st, Boundary st, Denny st, Laurel st, Juniper st, Sassafras st, Liberty st, Penn ave, Grant st, Sherman st, Mary st, Summit st, Howley st, Butler st, North st, Willow st, Jackson st, 49th st, Morningside rd, Calvin st, Main st, Fisk st, Ridge st, Hill st, Davison st, 4th st, Graff st, McCully st, William st, Stanton ave, Carnegie st, 51st st, Butler rd, 8th st, 7th st, 6th st, Woolslayer st, Woodbine st, Winebiddle st, 3rd st, 2nd st, John st, Allen st, 39th st, 40th st, Ella st, Isabella st, Pearl st, Cedar st, Centre st, 5th st, Aikens st, Junilla st, Camp st, Ex 5th ave, Montegume st, Rowan st, Apple ave, Puckety rd, Lang, Murtland, Kelley st, Alpine st, Roup, Monticello st, Amberson st, Hallman st, Evans ave, Edwin st, Ellsworth st, New st, Scotia st, Onyx st, Oak ave, Centre ave, Elm st, Vernon st, Charlotte al, Covington or 40th st, O'Hara st, Lafayette st, Everett st, Smallman st, Pike or 39th st, Allen or 38th st, 37th st, 36th st, Wainwright st, 35th st, 34th st, Boundary or 33rd st, Wilson or 32nd st, Brererton st, Bellefield ave, Denver st, Bismarck st, Craig st, Meyran ave, Fairmount st, Madison st, Juniata st, Taylor st , Winter st
Land, Water, Other
Western Pennsylvania Railroad, Minersville Cemetery, Silver Lake, Brilliant Hill Reservoir, Iron City Park, Allegheny Cemetery, Sharpsburg Building, Incline Plane, St. Mary's Cemetery, 43rd or Ewalt st Bridge, Allegheny Valley Railroad, Two Mile Run, Pennsylvania Rail
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Plate 72


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