Plate 16
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Real estate plat-book of the Eastern Vicinity of Pittsburgh : from official records, private plans and actual surveys, Volume 8.
58 x 81 cm
Wilkins Township, Turtle Creek, Patton Township
Pine st, Elm st, Washington ave, Montgomery st, Beech st, Beaver ave, Beulah rd, Wilkinsburg st, Tongalucas ave, Moss st, Ivy st, Fern st, Spruce ave, Highland ave, Ayer ave, Peter st, Short st, Dorothy ave, John st, Davis st, Penn ave, Grandview ave, Greensburg pike, Allequippa st, Seneca ave, Alph st, Miller st, Wilbur ave, Hazel st, Brown ave, Mortimer ave, Clugston ave, Oak st, Osbourne st, Negley ave, Shaw ave, Hunter st, Braddock ave, Line st, McMasters st, Stewart ave, Larimer ave, Church st, McClelland st, Renier ave, Grant st, Sycamore st, Monroeville rd, Airbrake ave, Oxford ave, Chestnut st, Torrence st, Walnut st, 11th st, 10th st, 9th st, 8th st, 7th st, 6th st, Ohio ave, Rachel st, New York ave, Virginia ave, Maryland ave, Pine st, Elizabeth st, Oak ave, Sara st, Rose st, Boyd st, Charles st, Albert st, James st, George st, Mercer st, Locust st, Lynn st, Vine al, Cliff al, Norman al, Camp al, Terrace al, Lark al, Grove al, Falls al, Wood al, Summit al, Thorn al, Park st, Mobile ave, Wren st, Larch ave, Cedar ave, Thrush al, Robin al, Beech ave, Ash ave, Milton ave, Neal st,
Land, Water, Other
Turtle Creek, Saw Mill Run, East Pittsburgh Brach of Pennsylvania Railroad, Thompson Run, Pittsburgh, Bessemer, & Lake Erie Railroad
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Plate 16


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