Plate 61
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Atlas of the cities of Pittsburgh, Allegheny : and the adjoining boroughs, from actual surveys & official records.
38 x 42 cm
East Liberty
Black st, Jackson st, Marietta st, Hays st, Margaretta st, Pippey st, Rural st, Heberton st, Kirkwood st, Negley ave, Riverview ave, Fitch st, Gross st, Friendship ave, Harriet st, Conrad st, Rebecca st, McCully st, Seely ave, Hampton st, Willie st, Anne st, Beech al, Rachel st, Bayne ave, Broad st, Morningside rd, East st, Euclid st, Betty st, Hiland ave, Craft st, Stewart st, Sheridan st, Collins st, Heberton ave, Ross st, Shady ave, Hoeveller st, St Clair st, Centre st, Mellon st, Farragut st, Park st, Matilda st, Liberty st, Spring st, Hill st, Short al, Larimer ave, Orphan ave, Josephs st, Run st, Smith st, Franklin st, Stanton ave, 43rd st, Ewalt st, Meadow st, 44th st, Bellefontaine st, 45th st, St Mary's st, 46th st, Church st, 47th st, Shoenberger st, Mill st, Chestnut st , Jackson st, Middle st, 49th st, Maple st, Stevens st, Bridge st, Butler st, Union st, Main st, William st, S Canal st, Ferry st, Butler rd, Etna st, 48th st, 36th st, Sherman st, Winebiddle st, Irwin st, North st, Willow st, Grant st, Centre st, Calvin st, Hatfield st, Penn ave, Davison st, Woolslayer al, N Canal st, Mary st, Elm st, Covington st, Harrison st, Isabella st, Liberty ave, Allen st, Fisk st, Pike st , Ella st, Main st, 39th st, Chestnut st , 38th st, 42nd st, 50th st
Land, Water, Other
Highland Reservoir, Iron City Park, Brilliant Hill Reservoir, Bridge, Saint Mary Cemetery, Allegheny Cemetery, Allegheny
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Plate 61


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