Plate 21
G. M. Hopkins & Co.
G.M. Hopkins, 1900, Philadelphia
Real estate plat-book of the eastern vicinity of Pittsburgh: from official records, private plans and actual surveys.
60 x 81 cm
Patton, Wilmerding, N. Versailles, E McKeesport
Mary st, Air Break ave, Township rd, Maple ave, State st, Miller st, Short st, First st, Second st, Third st, Fourth st, Pitcairn ave, Rebecca st, Sprague st, Emma st, Cornelia st, Maple ave, Kline ave, Lloyd ave, Homer ave, Greensburg turnpike, Penn ave, Cherry al, Frank st, Fifth st, Station st, Shore ave, Welsh ave, Beech st, Orient ave, Wall st, Bluff st, Marguerite ave, Glen st, Florence st, Clara st, Bridge, Commerce st, Pitcairn st, Westinghouse ave, Annie st, Caldwell ave, Brown st, Lidie st, Card ave, George st, Western ave, Summit ave, Morningside ave, Novella al, Herman ave, Edward st, Tintsman ave, Leganto ave, Cliffton ave, Broadway ave, Playford st, Greely st, Coal st, Wall st, Spring st, Railroad st, Aucilla al, Cedar al, Helena ave, Lilac al, Watkins ave, Township rd, Elsie al, Maple al, Laveen st, Bella st, Howard ave, State st, Patton st, Wilmerding ave, Township rd, Argo al, Rosewood al, Seminole st, Paola al, Maple al, Madison st, Grove al, Short st, Alcote ave, Josephine ave, Daytona ave, Alva al, Punta Gorda ave, Thomas st, Largo al, Largo st, Joppa al, Carson st, Wildwood ave, Mystic ave, Grove st, Morelle ave, Sarah st, Edna st, Hawk al, Florence ave, Italia al, Concourse, Grant st, Violet al, Maple al, Iola al, Olga al, Ocola st
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Plate 21


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