A. E. Forbes Communist Collection
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A. E. Forbes Communist Collection

The Archives Service Center at the University of Pittsburgh presents a selection of digital images from its A. E. Forbes Communist Collection.

1949 Communist Party USA leaflet

This series of documents was amassed by A. E. Forbes during his involvement with the Communist Party in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from the 1930s through World War II. While communism is the umbrella under which the local protests, meetings, and social events documented in the collection occurred, some of the central issues of these events include the Spanish Civil War, the Abraham Lincoln Brigades, Jim Crowism, Scottsboro Boys, Tom Mooney, Pen and Hammer, the Workers Theatre, Father Coughlin, labor frame-ups, the Soviet Union, hunger marches, fascism, civil rights, and union recognition.

Through hand rendered and mimeographed broadsides, newsletters, and flyers, this online collection of 117 documents presents a local snapshot of Pittsburgh's radical politics within the context of the Communist Party. We encourage you to browse the collection by selected theme.

All of the materials presented here may be freely downloaded and used for research purposes. The A.E. Forbes Communist Collection is housed at the Archives Service Center at the University of Pittsburgh.

This collection is hosted by the University of Pittsburgh's Digital Research Library. Citation URL: http://images.library.pitt.edu/a/aeforbes/